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Is Internet Marketing a good niche?

Wednesday, 10:54 PM

Dear Friend,

I’m frequently asked, “Is selling Internet marketing how-to products a good business to be in?”

The reality of the Internet marketing (IM) niche is a little depressing… and we marketers (well, the HONEST ones) would be well served to seriously reevaluate if we want to be associated with it.

Let ole DD do his infamous “tell-it-like-it-is” thang and reveal what I’ve discovered from my brief little foray into creating and selling products in this niche.

For an honest “non-guru” guy, things are NOT all that great in the IM niche … and getting worse.

In fact, a few well-connected insiders have secretly told me that many of the big names have seen their “guru” businesses crash and burn over the past couple years… and most have taken MAJOR hits in income.

On the other hand, I’m in a mastermind group with an entrepreneur named Mike who has done it the RIGHT way, in my most humble (but accurate) opinion.

Mike doesn’t sell IM products. He sells info products about marketing and business improvement to REAL business owners. In most cases, that’s brick & mortar (B&M) business owners.

97% (or more) of “online business owners” don’t even really have a business. They’re just wannabee wimps (hey… alliteration!) who aren’t making any money…  and probably never will… for a variety of reasons. Numero uno being they’re wannabee wimps who only DELUDE themselves into thinking they’re “online business owners” because they’ve bought some over-priced bright shiny object (B.S.O.) IM products and put up a WordPress blog.

Now, the B&M business owner market can be a pain in the ass, too… but for other reasons:

1. They’re almost ALL brain-dead stupid about marketing. Mention “direct response” and they look at you like you have two heads.

2. A lot of them are highly skeptical because almost every alleged “marketing expert” who has extracted or is currently extracting money from them is actually just a media rep selling some type of advertising.

And the “marketing experts” who have parted them from their money are ALSO brain-dead stupid about marketing.

The B&M guys can be a tough sell because all these previous “marketing experts” sold them B.S. that NEVER produced any ROI for the poor old B&M owner. And even if it DID, the B&M guy wouldn’t know it ‘cuz he has no clue how to track his advertising and measure the ROI.  Hell, he doesn’t even know what “tracking” means… and neither does the “marketing expert.”

So those are a few hurdles to overcome.

Now, the GOOD things about B&M biz owners:

1. They didn’t just dream up some half-assed idea yesterday, invest $200 in Google Adwords and decide to go into business. They actually had to invest some real thought, planning, time and SIGNIFICANT cashola to go into business. In other words, they’re REAL biz people… and they have some serious skin in the game to make sure their deal actually brings in income.

2. They’re accustomed to paying 4 and sometimes 5-figure monthly expenses… mortgage/lease, salaries, big insurance bills, big utility bills… and God knows what other gummint license fees and extortion.

3. They usually have a big cash flow… and a little “wiggle room” on what they can invest it in month to month.

4. Again, I refer you to item #1 in the “pain in the ass” reasons. But because they ARE near brain-dead stupid about marketing, that represents a HUGE frickin’ opportunity for us’ns. (See the premier issue of The Doberman Dan Letter for a complete plan on how to capitalize on this… almost immediately. Shame on you if you’re not a subscriber!)

See, a good marketer understands that many B&M biz owners, because of their marketing ignorance, are sitting on an absolute GOLD MINE… and don’t even know it. You can be a mini Jay Abraham and easily help them mine all that undiscovered gold, keeping 10% to 25% (or more) for yourself.

And that’s EXACTLY what you’ll discover in the the premier issue of The Doberman Dan Letter… which you’ll get as a new subscriber… along with a whole bunch of other cool money-making bonuses.

Knowing what I know now, if I were looking to start an info products business with BIG potential income…

…in a HUGE niche…

…where I could sell at price points of $200, $500, $1,000 and more…

…in an evergreen market…

I’d go after B&M biz owners.

(I knoweth of what I speaketh. I’ve done exactly what I’m describing quite successfully… 3 different times.)

The IM niche?


An honest guy or gal ain’t gonna last long there. Your honesty just can’t compare with their lies… and all the alluring fantasies of “push button riches.”

Let the IM con men deal with all the whiny wannabee wimps. (There I go alliterating again!)

I think you’ll make a lot more money, be much happier and sleep a lot better selling REAL products that really work… to REAL business owners.

All the best,




Who Should I Learn From?

Sunday, 11:20 AM

Dear Friend,

I have to admit…

It has amused me to watch all these little 20-something kids gain their fame as online marketing gurus during the earlier part of this decade.

Never mind that up until about 2008, we’ve enjoyed such a strong credit-fueled economy that a monkey with a web browser and Paypal account could have made money.

But where are all the IM wonder boys now?

Hell, I know guys still curled up in a fetal position crying and sucking their thumbs because they got “Google slapped” a couple years ago.

They’ve never financially recovered.

But even worse.

Actually MUCH worse…

They’ve Never PSYCHOLOGICALLY Recovered!

Instead, they let one little minor challenge stop them dead in their tracks… and their only reaction was to roll over, piss all over themselves and cry out to God about the injustice in the world. (BTW, God ain’t listening. He already warned you stuff like this happens… and he gave you the brains, skills and ability to handle it yourself.)

And there they’ve remained ever since. Not able to overcome that tiny little hurdle thrown up in front of them.

First of all, “Google slap” was a freight train we direct response veterans saw coming down the tracks YEARS before it happened. And a few of us TRIED to warn you.

Problem was, you were listening to the IM wonder boys… the 20-something crowd who claimed to have the insider track on all this “new” stuff that worked online.

And for the longest time it seemed as if things were humming along perfectly for the young wonder boy crowd… the money coming in faster than they could count it, the sun always shining, the birds always singing… and the wind always at their back.

But then the challenges and changes came.

And many of those IM wonder boys have disappeared… and have never been able to overcome the various challenges like “Google slap” and all the other adjustments in the marketplace that stopped them dead in their tracks.

Yup, there’s a BIG reason most have not overcome these various challenges.

Actually TWO reasons:

The Lack Of Those Two Organs
They’re SUPPOSED To Have
Between Their Legs!

Or for the ladies… a lack of intestinal fortitude.

BTW, funny thing I’ve noticed. This “lack of balls” problem so prevalent in the younger generation only seems to be a problem with the MALES. For whatever reason, the women have their act MUCH more together in that department.

In fact, my wife, being from Colombia, has done things that would leave 99% of the guys I know cowering in a corner, paralyzed with fear.

I’ve noticed something about a lot of my fellow Americans… especially the ones who grew up in the same socio-economic class as me. (I believe the technical term for it is “white trash.”)

They get pissed off and jealous when they see an immigrant with a successful business. But there’s a reason a large percentage of immigrants have successful businesses… and there’s also a reason a large percentage of American (it’s now in the TENS of MILLIONS) are worthless looting losers, sucking at the public teat.

You see, most Americans can’t even begin to imagine the fear you experience when living in a country where you don’t speak the language and don’t understand the culture. (Hell, less than 5% of Americans even have a PASSPORT… and 90% have never been any further than 10 miles from where they grew up.)

Now, try imagining building a business with this language barrier fear and the overwhelming “heart in your throat” fear caused by culture shock. (It is VERY real.  I’ve personally experienced it… several times in a couple different countries.)

But the Colombiana, instead of using that MAJOR challenge and overwhelming fear as an excuse, forged forward in spite of the crippling fear and did whatever it took to build a successful business in this strange, foreign land.

Let me tell you… SHE should be the one doing seminars. NOT some punk ass 20-something kid from a wealthy family, whose Ivy League education was paid for by daddy… who then, working with BOTH a safety cable AND safety net built a successful online business selling “make money on the Internet” products during one of the most prosperous periods in the history of the world.

That Is NOT The Guy To Learn From!

BTW, do you know what I mean when I say, “working with BOTH a safety cable AND safety net?”

When a rookie is learning a high wire routine, he has both a strong safety cable attached to the high wire and a strong leather belt around his waist. He also has a safety net at the bottom to safely catch him if he falls.

With all that, it’s pretty damn hard to fall… and you can have all the confidence in the world because if you DO fall it’s pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to get hurt.

Compare the rookie to the guy who has been working on the high wire for DECADES without any kind of safety cable or safety net. If he goes down, it’s game over for him.

THAT has been my entrepreneurial career since 1996… ZERO safety net.

When the shit hits the fan (and it has… many times) there are no rich relatives to bail me out.

There’s no pension fund, disability, social security or ANY government sponsored social programs or bail outs for me.

MY bail out plan… the ONLY one I’ve got… is what’s between my ears. And even more importantly… what’s between my legs.

And I have been “tested by fire”… time and time again.

You see, I know how it feels to lose EVERYTHING… forced to live in my car (a 12 year old Ford Taurus with no air conditioning).

And I know how it feels to sit down at the public library computer, (because I no longer had one), scared to death, writing a sales letter that HAD to work… or Donner and I literally weren’t going to eat that week.

Yes, my entrepreneurial path has had its ups and downs. And at times, they have been EXTREME.

I know what it’s like to go from being broke and living in my car… to making 6-figures a MONTH

All In The Same Year!

(That’s how extreme these entrepreneurial “ups and downs” can be.)

And if stuff like that had only happened to me once, I’d probably chalk it up to chance or luck or something.

But these extreme ups and downs have happened to me over and over again… for almost two decades.

(Hell, they’re happening right now!)

But no matter how hard I get knocked down, I just keep getting up again.

And as hard as it has been to get up time after time… each time I DO get up, I’m stronger than ever.

I’ll get to the point of my little rant:

I recently re-read all of Gary Halbert’s old newsletters. (The ones I have in hard copy when it was a PAID subscription. Not the free ones posted online.)

I also re-read all of Ted Nicholas’ old hard copy newsletters from the early 90′s.

Same thing with all the old Thomas Hall materials, some very rare books and materials I have from Gene Schwartz…

…Every single issue of The Marketing Rebel Rant by John Carlton (back when it was a paid newsletter, delivered in hard copy)… and all my current and old Dan Kennedy newsletters.

Here’s why all that stuff is timeless and invaluable… and always will be. And all the $2,000+ crap produced by the “has been” IM gurus is now nothing more than a fart in the wind.

It comes down to three things:

Character, Experience and Guts!

The guy I want to learn from, is the guy who has been tested by fire. The guy knocked down time after time but just kept getting up and moving forward.

The guy who, once, when hit so hard and knocked down so bad…kept moving the only way possible.  Inching forward little by little on his belly until he could regain the strength to crawl forward on his hands and knees.

And instead of giving up and staying down… even though it took MONTHS… he got back on his feet and kept moving forward.

The guy who has had the guts to work the high wire without a safety net… decade after decade.

Who, when successful, is cheered by a small group of followers who truly appreciate what it means to be a “man’s man”… and how scary and difficult it is to put yourself out there time after time on the high wire without a safety net.

And who, when falls without the security of a safety net, is the subject of sneers, laughter and criticism from all those timid souls who live their lives in fear and quiet desperation, never even ATTEMPTING anything significant.

The pathetic souls who, with their criticism, attempt to justify their lack of accomplishment… and in some sick pathetic way, try to make themselves feel better about their cowardice.

Because, you see, they’ve chosen to let their fears paralyze them from attempting to do something… anything… with their God-given potential… and instead, they allow themselves to be a slave to their cowardice.

So they secretly hope for the strong man to fall so they can criticize him… and in so doing, in their sick, twisted minds, somehow make themselves temporarily feel better about their lack of integrity and the choice to be a slave to cowardice.

The men of character, experience and guts are the ones I want to learn from… and that’s why I continue to read the classic direct response and mail order material over and over again, month after month… year after year.

And that’s why I laugh at the arrogant 20-something pricks who claim to be an “online marketing/copywriting expert” because they took a 6-week course.

Who arrogantly tell me…

“I don’t need to read all that old stuff about writing sales letters, mail order and direct marketing. That’s just the basics. I already know all that.”

Well, I’ve got some unnerving news for you, my pretentious, presumptuous, pompous pal. (Can you tell I like alliteration?)

Your big “fall” is coming… and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

In fact, I’d bet 10,000 to 1 you ain’t ever getting up.

Ya know why?

Because you may THINK knowing the mechanics is all you need… but what REALLY determines your success is…

Character, Experience and Guts!

And you get THAT by studying success lessons from… and associating with… men of character, experience and guts.

You see… you may THINK you’re just spending money on a newsletter or a book by a successful person.

But it’s MUCH more than that.

You’re making an investment in yourself that can NEVER be taken away. You’re ABSORBING and permanently imprinting in your neural pathways the DECADES of character-building and hard-won experience of the author.

You’re assimilating the benefits of his character, experience and guts… the stuff required for real LONG-TERM success.

Oh sure, you’ve bought all the latest courses about online marketing… created by folks working the high wire with the safety cable and safety net.

The “magic bullet” online marketing course created by the kid without any real-world experience… and whose character has never been really tested… the guy who has always worked with a safety net.

Sure, that guy can teach you a quick hit “one shot” money-making trick…

But to learn how to be successful in the long term, you need to learn from the MASTERS.

The men of character and experience, tested by fire time and time again. Who experienced the great successes… AND the humiliation of the great failures.

Who got knocked down time and time again… and instead of using it as an excuse to quit, took their “beating” as a learning experience and used it as a stepping stone to greater success.

THOSE are the men and women to study.

They are as rare as hen’s teeth.

Many are dead… but you can still study them and “associate” with them through the writings they left us.

The ones still alive?

Even more rare.

But they’re out there.

And trust me… they’re DESPERATELY seeking someone REAL to share their knowledge and experience with.

Honest, ethical people who TRULY desire to learn these lessons. And more importantly, will value these lessons and put them into ACTION.

All the best,



The Power Of The One Big Secret


Wednesday, 12:27 PM

Dear Friend,

We’re ALL susceptible to it.

Oh, don’t be so smug. You are, too.

You may THINK you’re immune… but you’re not.

Most are not only susceptible, they’re even EAGER for it.

What am I talking about?

Read more ...

My “Plan B” When I Need To Make Money FAST

Thursday, 8:42 PM

Dear Friend,

Did I ever tell you about the quick cash-generating plan Gary Halbert showed me?

It’s the plan I rely on when my back is against the wall, the “wolf is at the door” and I need to make some money FAST or the bills won’t get paid.

Here’s the story behind it:

After he was my roommate in Costa Rica for a few months, Gary Halbert talked me into leaving my perfect life there, moving back to the U.S. and living in the same apartment building as him.

I won’t bore you with all the details, but during that move all of my earthly possessions were stolen. To make matters worse, due to some bad decisions Gary made, we had no clients, and therefore… I had no income.

I had left a darn near PERFECT life, was back in the U.S. (which I said I would NEVER do) with nothing but the clothes on my back, a new wife recently arrived from Colombia… and ZERO fungolas.

It was at that low point in my life that Gary Halbert revealed to me…

A Truly Unique Way
Of Making Money FAST!

Halbert’s “Plan A” was writing copy for clients.

Every now and then, when he got fed up with clients, he would occasionally start his own projects. Since Halbert had about as much ability to run a business as I have to dance Swan Lake in tights and a tutu, his businesses always turned into cash-bleeding FUBAR disasters, unless handed off to somebody who COULD manage them.

But when Halbert was broke and needed cash fast (which was frequently), he had a very effective “Plan B” he would swiftly put into action.

Since he had a responsive list of paid subscribers (before he put his newsletter online free), Gary’s emergency quick cash-generating “Plan B” was…

He Held A Seminar!

“Halbert lost all his money… AGAIN. When and where is the seminar?”

What most people DON’T know is… before he had a responsive list of newsletter subscribers, he had ANOTHER emergency cash generating plan.

And THAT is what he revealed to me back when I was broke, starting all over again and needed money FAST.

It’s a truly unique (and proven) plan for generating big pay days with very little investment.

In fact, if you’ve been struggling to make money online… in spite of doing everything the gurus tell you… I’m going to give you a complete step-by-step, almost FOOLPROOF plan for making a lot of money very quickly.

Surprisingly, it has absolutely nothing to do with any of the typical stuff you’ve probably heard before:

…NO finding a niche or market…

…NO building an e-mail list…

…NO creating a product…

…NO setting up a website…

…NO affiliate marketing…

…NO selling digital products on Clickbank…


…NO setting up a WordPress blog…

…Or NONE of the other stuff you’ve probably already tried and failed at.

Hint: You’ve been fishing in a pond that has already been “fished out” by the most expert fishermen in the world.

I’m going to show you a pond completely BRIMMING… with STARVING fish… and amazingly, almost NOBODY is fishing there.

I’ll show you how to go in there with a case of DYNAMITE… and pull out trophy-winning fish by the HUNDREDS!

Where can you discover this proven plan I’m revealing for the first time ever?

I reveal EVERYTHING in the premier issue of my just-released offline “paper & ink” newsletter…

The Doberman Dan Letter!

Here’s what a few top marketers and copywriters are saying about the premier issue revealing my “Quick Cash” secrets:

“Jammed with valuable insights, bare-knuckled advice , and in-depth how-to instructions, this newsletter would be a bargain at ten times the price. I know that sounds like hype, but it’s just the plain truth. If you can’t take the advice in the very first issue and make THOUSANDS of dollars, you need to give up on the entrepreneur thing, and resign yourself to wearing a paper hat for a living. Stop wasting your time on ‘internet guru schemes’ – and start reading and applying the Doberman Dan Letter.”
-Ray Edwards
Copywriter, Author, Speaker

“And you charge HOW much?  This is a fantastic blueprint right here in your first one.  For less than the price a movie for two, you can learn a fail-proof system for generating cash on demand.  Dan, you have created an incredible tool here for all serious entrepreneurs to use.  And it is a steal at this price! Thanks again – looking forward to more of them.” 
-Troy White

“I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the Premier issue of your newsletter. Knowing you, I expected it to be good, but I wasn’t prepared for it to be THIS good. You’ve given away actionable steps that almost anybody could use to generate income immediately. It’s excellent to see somebody revealing the real secrets behind making money. Looking forward to the next issue.”
-David Raybould, Pro Copywriter

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All the best,

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Top 10 Reasons I Will NOT Reveal All My Secrets Online

Sunday, 4:47 PM

Dear Friend,

I just got home from the Ted Nicholas Ultimate Million Dollar Copywriting Bootcamp in Tampa, Florida.

Nobody can teach copywriting like “Uncle Ted.” Even after doing it and teaching it all these years, he’s still as enthusiastic as a rookie.

Now here’s the part that sucks:

I’ve been battling a cold that I THOUGHT I had beaten. But after the first day (a whole 12 hours of teaching!) I felt so bad and had such a bad cough, I was forced to come home early.

I totally missed day 2 and am also going to miss his day 3 “How To Be A Successful Speaker” bonus session.

Awwwww nuts!

I guess I’ll just have to catch it on video.

One little unexpected surprise…

There were quite a few subscribers there.

I didn’t get time to hang with all of them, but I enjoyed chatting with Angel Suarez, an up and coming young copywriter… and Aaron Crocker, a top notch health and fitness copywriter.

And, of course, it’s always a pleasure to brainstorm and break bread with Francis Ablola, one of my key Inner Circle coaching members.

Francis is one of the most sought-after copywriters in the real estate investing space.

He is in such demand, his “dance card” is always booked MONTHS in advance, and (because he’s listening to me and starting his own projects) he now turns away BIG money copywriting gigs by the dozens.

Good seminar and good company… and a good time was had by all.

I guess word has spread about the recent launch of my just-released paper & ink newsletter, The Doberman Dan Letter… because I kept getting the following question from the rookies there:

“Why are you starting an OFFLINE newsletter
in an increasing online world?”

I’m glad you asked.

Here’s why:

1. Any moron can publish a blog. (And, unfortunately, many morons do.)

2. Can you imagine pouring your heart and soul into creating your legacy… and since it’s only a series of 1′s and 0′s… it can disappear or be deleted in a split second… for any variety of reasons… instigated by any number of evil people… and be lost FOREVER? (Can anybody say “Wikileaks”?)

3. It’s a helluva lot harder to delete your legacy off the face of this earth if it has been distributed in paper and ink to several thousand raving fans all over the globe.

4. Don’t you want your work to be valued, appreciated and referred to again and again? A print publication still accomplishes that. Online and e-mail… not so much.

(E-mail ESPECIALLY is not valued. In fact, e-mail — yes, even the ones you SUBSCRIBED to — is now mostly viewed as a nuisance whose only solution is the “delete” button.)

5. Numerous studies prove your reading rate is faster and comprehension is SIGNIFICANTLY improved when you read material in hard copy versus online.

6. There is a much bigger impact and psychological “thrill” when receiving a REAL (print) publication. E-mail used to have it back in the day… but not anymore. (See “nuisance” in #4 above.)

In fact, a recent direct mail study proved that receiving a hard copy letter via the U.S. Postal Service triggers certain pleasure hormones in the brain.

What did receiving e-mail trigger? The irresistible urge to immediately hit the “delete” button.

And here are a few personal reasons:

7. I wanted the discipline and deadlines of producing a high quality REAL publication every month. It’s just too easy to blow off or delay writing a blog post. (ESPECIALLY after I discovered #1 through #6 above.)

8. Frankly, there are a lot of my secrets I don’t want to reveal to every Tom, Dick and Harry in cyberspace. And I ESPECIALLY want to keep my BEST techniques and secrets away from the entitlement-attitude whiners… a mental disease which has spread like wildfire, thanks due in large part to the Internet.

9. I won’t EVER make my most effective, profitable and hard-won moneymaking secrets available to be indexed by search engines… and the prying eyes of the various enemies of freedom, entrepreneurship and laissez faire capitalism. But I WILL freely reveal ALL of them to my offline newsletter subscribers.

And last but not least…

10. One of my favorite fiction authors, Harlan Ellison, says that any publication, to be valued and appreciated, MUST be released in a format exactly like the classic literature throughout history… which, even after hundreds of years, is STILL valued, studied, cherished, and appreciated.

Actually, I’m paraphrasing what he said. What he ACTUALLY said (when a blogger attempted to interview him) was THIS:

“A WHAT? A fucking BLOG? A blog isn’t worth SHIT! Go write a REAL book for Chrissakes!”

Ya know something else?

I think my other favorite fiction author, John D. McDonald, if he were alive today, would agree with that.

All the best,

P.S. When you subscribe to my new offline newsletter, you’ll not only get my best moneymaking secrets and techniques month after month… you’ll also get 3 valuable gifts never before offered for sale ANYWHERE…

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