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Gary Halbert at the top of his game

Dear Friend,

I’ve talked about Gary Halbert a lot… and for good reason.

Gary is considered the godfather of direct marketing because not only has he sold over a billion dollars of product… but he also taught so many of today’s top guns how to sell like crazy.

Gary’s courses, newsletter and programs are still sought after by the biggest names in marketing… and today I have a very special treat just for you.

Not long ago, Gary’s son’s Kevin and Bond released rare recordings of their father’s brainstorming sessions that captured…

Gary Halbert Critiquing
Over 100 Sales Packages!

They were all sent in by subscribers to his world famous newsletter and I knew they contained pure marketing gold.

Bond and Kevin Halbert had the recordings cleaned up and put on disc so a few lucky fans could discover more of Gary’s marketing genius.

I ordered a set immediately.

Let me tell you, these recordings should be selling for TEN times what I paid.

The CDs also capture John Carlton and several other attendees who went on to become highly sought after marketing masters. Jay Abraham even stops in for a few hours, too.

The advice on the discs is not only timeless and easy to adapt to today’s technology, but the killer marketing tricks outlined show you how to market offline, too.

AND how to market a local business. (Something ignored by most marketing gurus nowadays.)

Effective local marketing goes way beyond registering your business with local search engines and creating a Facebook account. You really need to learn this stuff to crush the competition and drive sales.

Bond and Kevin originally ordered only 25 sets for special customers… and after the announcement they were sold out within hours.

Everyone who got the notice in time realized this was a golden opportunity and snatched up their copy as fast as they could.

After that, the Halbert brothers raised the price 50%.

I’m in close contact with the Halbert boys and to make a long story short… I called in a favor for you.

After a little Halbert-style persuasion I learned from Gary himself, I convinced Bond to let me offer Gary Halbert’s Brainstorming Sessions to my blog subscribers…

At the deepest discount EVER!

You can’t even get this low price from the Halbert boys. I am the only one offering the recordings for the amazingly low price of just $195.

(One very well-known marketing guru just recently offered this exact same product to his list for $997!)

I’m talking about over 12 hours of killer sales content by the world’s greatest marketers and salesmen… for less than $17 an hour.

You’ll have Sir Gary Halbert himself offering you sage wisdom in the comfort of your own home or car… at the lowest price ever.

If you factor in John and Jay, you’ll get each of them for less than minimum wage… and that offer is just too good to pass up.

Bond says he is only going to allow a select few Gary Halbert “orphans” he really trusts to offer these CDs… and as of now…

I am the ONLY person authorized
to make this deeply discounted offer!

How cool is that? (And yes, I DO feel special.)

However, there’s just one catch…

This exclusive deal is only for a very short time… and I’m sure all the copies will be gone very quickly.

To guarantee everyone gets a fair shot, I made Bond promise to honor any orders that come in over the next 72 hours.

If you know who Gary Halbert, Jay Abraham and John Carlton are, you know what a great deal this is. And if you DON’T know who these guys are, you need these recordings even more.

Reserve your set now because Bond and Kevin do NOT do the fake urgency thing with their dad’s stuff. Once this deal is over, it’s over… and you’ll have missed out on this “lowest price ever” offer for good.

The Halbert boys set up a special page just for the blog subscribers… so go there and lock in this killer deal right now.

All the best,



P.S. Once the 72 hours is up I can’t get you this special price anymore… so please don’t even ask.

Click here now to lock in this lowest price ever on the Gary Halbert Brainstorming Session CDs.

Gary Halbert’s Birthday

Sunday, June 12 at 11:17 AM

Dear Friend,

Quick tip/lesson today.

Today is Gary Halbert’s birthday.

I know because a loooong time ago when I was a subscriber to his paid paper & ink newsletter he revealed his birthday in a June issue. I made note of it on my calendar and sent him a birthday card.

Yeah, a REAL card. The kind you send via the good old fashioned U.S. Postal Service… not those cheap, after thought, free online cards.

And I repeated this every June 12th for a good 4 to 5 years… long before I ever met him in person and was given the opportunity to work with him.

That was just ONE of  the many strategies I used to get myself on Halbert’s radar.

But I’m pretty sure YEARS of getting a birthday card from Doberman Dan helped “grease the skids” for the other techniques that finally got his attention and gave me the opportunity to mentor with him for almost a year and a half.

After I got to know him and we were actually roommates (in two different countries) I personally witnessed how many people sent him a birthday card. Bond Halbert, Kevin Halbert… and me. That’s about it.

My point?

You’d be surprised how many “big shots” get few to zero birthday cards.

If you want to get a heavy hitter’s attention, you might want to find out their birthday and make sure you send a card every year.

It just may make them a lot more amenable to any other offers or other attempts to get their attention.

Happy birthday, Gary.

You were an interesting cat. I’ve never met anyone like you before or since… and I doubt I ever will.






The Power Of The One Big Secret


Wednesday, 12:27 PM

Dear Friend,

We’re ALL susceptible to it.

Oh, don’t be so smug. You are, too.

You may THINK you’re immune… but you’re not.

Most are not only susceptible, they’re even EAGER for it.

What am I talking about?

Read more ...

My Secrets To 100% Delivery And Open Rates Revealed!

Tuesday, 9:54 AM

Dear Friend,

There are a few changes in the works for over the next month or so.

Some people are going to be thrilled because they’re going to get a lot more hard core advanced marketing techniques and secrets… and even some personal attention.

Others… not so thrilled.

Such is life, I suppose. You can never make EVERYBODY happy.

The reality is, my little website and subscriber list is growing exponentially… and there’s only one Doberman Dan and only 24 hours in a day.

And that’s all I have to say about that for now.

Now I’m going to share something that will be famously successful if you ever need to get the attention of a V.I.P., big shot or any person surrounded by a bunch of gatekeepers.

And if you’re smart enough to adapt these secrets to your direct mail promotions, you’ll enjoy HUGE response rates and make a small fortune fast… while all the exclusively online marketers are crying about declining sales from their e-mail lists.

This will also soon be the ONLY way you can communicate with me if you want to propose any kind of joint venture, project idea or mentoring.

But first, I’ll tell you a surefire way of NOT getting a V.I.P.’s attention…

Send your message by e-mail!

E-mail is the very WORST way to initially contact and communicate with a V.I.P. and will probably never get past the gatekeeper.

And it shows you’ve put very little thought and planning into your initial contact and presentation.

You see, any idiot can fire off an e-mail… and many do. There’s hardly any thought, planning or creativity required to do that.

So your worthless e-mail will be deleted unread, along with the 200 other worthless e-mails received that day.

The very BEST way to get a V.I.P.’s attention is to stop being such a cheap bastard and invest $12 to send your message by a cool little service called…

Fed Ex!

That’s the BEST option…

(Well, actually, there’s an even BETTER one than that… and it will be responded to IMMEDIATELY… but I don’t think you’re ready for the really high level stuff yet.)

The next “pretty good” option is USPS Priority Mail. It doesn’t make as big an impact as a FedEx package or envelope… but it makes a helluva lot better impact than an e-mail. And it only costs $5 bucks or so.

The next best option is a good old fashioned snail mail letter sent 1st class.

And here’s a little direct mail tip most people don’t know…

A 9×12 or 6×9 envelope makes a bigger splash, gets more attention and is more likely to be opened FIRST than a #10 envelope.

Want another jealously guarded secret of a direct mail master? (That’s lil’ ole humble me, in case you didn’t know.)

You’ve heard me say mail that looks personal almost always gets opened first, right? Ya know… the old “A pile/B pile” Gary Halbert schtick?

Well, a #10 envelope is not what’s used to send personal mail. That’s for business mail… and business mail is usually bills.

And who wants to open bills? I sure don’t. (I let the Colombiana do that.)

Back in the day, personal letters were written on Monarch size stationary and mailed in a Monarch envelope.

A Monarch envelope is 7 1/2 x 3 7/8…. and Monarch paper is 7 1/4 x 10 1/2.

Yes, they still exist and you can get nice-looking Monarch paper and envelope sets at Staples or Office Depot.

How often do you get hand addressed Monarch envelopes nowadays? I’d be willing to bet never.

When you send a hand addressed Monarch envelope which contains your personalized Monarch stationery on a nice cream colored stock… with maybe a gold border… and a HAND WRITTEN letter… you have just set yourself head and shoulders above any and all other people vying for your V.I.P.’s attention.


Because almost NOBODY cares enough about their recipient and message nowadays to go through all that effort.

It is a MUCH more intimate form of communication and it elegantly says…

“You are important to me!”

Just ask the handful of people who recently received letters like this from me.

I even think this form of communication is possibly even better than standing belly to belly, looking in their eyes and speaking your message.

A spoken message can easily be misinterpreted, is much more easily forgotten… or worse, the meaning can get twisted and changed over time. (If you’ve ever played the “telephone game” at a party then you know what I mean.)

Unlike a spoken message, a hand written letter on nice Monarch stationery is much less likely to be misinterpreted and will probably be kept for a long time and re-read every now and then.

Now if you’ve never had the experience of holding an 8-track tape in your hands… or God forbid, you don’t even know what an LP is… I realize this might sound like old fogey talk from the Great Depression era. (The FIRST one… not the one we’re in now.)

But this stuff WORKS!

Like gangbusters.

And you’d do very well… and make a LOT more money… if you paid more attention to your elders (especially all the dead mail order guys) than worshiping at the feet of the young Internet Marketing gurus.

They did OK in a booming economy but now many of them are dropping like flies… because they never studied the tried and true principles of the dead mail order guys.

Look, I know a LOT more successful techniques for getting your message to numero uno and getting somebody’s attention… including the one I used to get Gary Halbert’s attention and led to mentoring with him for a year and a half.

But this post has already run a lot longer than I planned… and I’ve given away a LOT more valuable secrets than you deserve.

So let me close by saying this…

My address is:

Doberman Dan Gallapoo
c/o Arango Direct, LLC
3101 SW 34th Ave Suite 905-262
Ocala, FL 34474

The only gatekeeper at the present is the Colombiana… and all she does is pick up the mail and give it to me. So a FedEx or snail mail letter is going to get directly to me within a few days.

If you feel you have something important to share with me or want to pitch me on an idea, JV or whatever… you now know what you have to do. And don’t get mad if I don’t respond to your e-mail.

(If you’re in my Inner Circle you know this doesn’t apply to you. YOUR e-mails get priority over ALL others.)

I sure hope this doesn’t make me sound like a dick. It’s being done out of necessity because time constraints have FORCED me to prioritize my attention on the most important and highest ROI items.

The bottom line?

If what you have to tell me is truly important and you want to get my full attention… it deserves some time, thought and a little creativity on your part.

That’s how I’ve always done it with the people most important to me… and continue to do it today.

And so should you.

All the best,



P.S. By saying this, I’ll be letting the cat out of the bag about one of the changes coming for… but here goes:

If you have a desire to post a comment in response to any of my posts… or have been putting it off for some reason… you better do it pretty darn soon.

The Power Of Social Proof

Wednesday, 2:10 PM

Dear Friend,

A brief marketing lesson today… and a request for a small favor.

BTW, this isn’t my regular post for the week. I’ll do that in a couple days. (It’s probably gonna ruffle some feathers!)

Anyhoo… here’s the marketing lesson…

There is almost nothing more powerful than strong social proof. People are STRONGLY influenced by what “the crowd” is doing or saying.

And today, I’m going to attempt to generate some for my own personal benefit.

Selfish S.O.B., aren’t I? :)

Here’s what it’s all about:

A REAL book publisher with several NY Times best-selling authors on their roles has asked me for a book proposal.

They think there’s a market for a book about my experiences with my mentor… the late, great copywriting legend, Gary Halbert.

So instead of just little old me pitching them the idea that there’s a market for this book… AND… I’m the right guy to author it…

It Would Make 1,000 Times
More Impact If YOU Told Them!

So while I’m scribbling away at my proposal (with yellow pad and pen, remember?)… if you’d like to see a book authored by by yours truly and published by a well-respected publishing company… could I please impose upon you to add a brief comment below?

If I DO land this book deal, I promise you this…

I’ll do my best to make it one of the most valuable (and entertaining) marketing books you’ll ever add to your library.

MUCH more valuable… with many proven techniques that REALLY WORK… than most of the ripoff $2,000 courses sold by the IMGOBC (Internet Marketing Good Ole Boys Club).

Please… if I’ve ever provided any value to you in any way over the past several years… would you please post a comment below to show the publisher you’d be interested in buying my book about Gary Halbert?

If not… that’s OK, too.

I appreciate you reading this… and I really appreciate having you as a subscriber.

Seriously… your comments and support… and dare I say love… are quite humbling to me.

All the best,