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It’s Time We Meet In Person

Thursday, 3:42 PM

Dear Friend,

Today I’m putting “motion beats meditation” into full effect.

You see, I’ve been running my mouth about an idea for almost a year, waiting for the stars to line up and other worthless excuses… but I ain’t waiting no mo’!

Here’s what I’ve got up my sleeve:

If there are enough people willing to come, I’m going to start hosting some meetings in sunny Florida.

These meetings will be a combination mini-seminar/mastermind, probably running 2 to 3 hours or so.

They’re going to be pretty informal little get-togethers.

And if possible, I’d like to keep them small so everybody can get some personal attention. I don’t just want to run my mouth… I sincerely would like to get to know you.

I know, I know… you’re already wondering what it’s going to cost.

Here’s what it’s gonna cost:

Nuttin’… Zero… Nada…
A big fat goose egg!

I can read your mind. Your B.S. detector is kicking in.

No, it’s not gonna be a pitch fest, either.

Geez, you’ve let the IMGOBC turn you into a real cynic, haven’t you? :)

Anyhoo… here’s what these meetings are all about:

It’s going to be little old me sharing marketing secrets with you… and personally helping you with your marketing challenges.

I might also invite a handful of experts I personally work with and endorse to help me out and bring more value to the meetings… but I will NOT allow this to turn into a pitch fest.

I hate that crap as much as you do. If you’ve ever fallen victim to it, you know what I’m talking about.

Since I’m paying for the expenses of these initial meetings out of my own pocket, I’ll probably leave a jar discreetly at the back of the room in case you might want to drop in a fiver to help cover the room rental. There’s no obligation, though, and there will be no pressure to do that.

I’m dead serious when I say this will NOT be a pitch fest, it’s totally free and there is NO obligation to even drop anything in the “help cover the room expenses” jar.

Now your B.S. detector is REALLY kicking in. (Told you I could read your mind!)

“So what’s the catch, DD?”

No catch.

Here are the “cross my heart”, honest to goodness reasons I’m moving forward with this:

1. This “Doberman Dan” gig is my legacy to free enterprise and all the people with the balls to rise above the crowd and become an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, it appears there will be no little Doberman Danny or Daniella in my future… and my nieces and nephews don’t seem to be interested in this stuff… but I really want to pass my legacy on to SOMEBODY.

2. I’m doing my best to keep my mentor, Gary Halbert’s, legacy alive. I’ve talked with Bond Halbert (Gary’s son) about this and we both believe this is something Gary would want.

3. There are a LOT of entrepreneurs, copywriters, freelancers and brick & mortar business owners struggling in this economy. Unfortunately, if they don’t make some changes, many are going to be broke and out of business over the next few years. I plan on doing everything I can to prevent that from happening. Our economy needs their success more than ever… and I don’t want ANYBODY to have to go through what I did to discover the secrets to marketing success.

4. Down the road, if I decide to keep this up, there MAY be a small monthly fee to cover the expenses…but I promise it will be very reasonable.

That’s it.

You can turn off your B.S. detector now.

Even though these initial meetings will be free, I guarantee they’ll be EXTREMELY high value… probably even more so than most of the $2,000+ seminars promoted by the IMGOBC.

For convenience… my OWN convenience… I would like to test the waters with a meeting in Orlando, Florida.

If you’re close to Orlando… or even if you’re not close but are willing to travel there… I need to hear from you ASAP.

Feel free to e-mail me or post a comment below if you’d like to attend my first meeting in Orlando.

If there’s enough interest, I’m going to schedule it very soon.

I’m looking forward to finally getting to know you in person.

All the best,



P.S. When we finally DO meet in person, I hope you’re not disappointed.

I may write like I’m 7 feet tall… but in reality, I’m a 7 foot guy trapped in a 5’6″ body.


The Death Of Direct Mail?

Tuesday, 9:42 AM

Dear Friend,

I spoke with two really smart online marketers last week.

These guys are exceptionally good at what they do. I consider them my “go to” guys for anything internet marketing related… the few guys I trust to give me the most successful stuff that is working best right NOW online.

And both are completely clueless about direct mail.

They both tried it for themselves or clients and claimed it didn’t work for them.

Interesting… because I know several people in the exact same niches who have made (and are making) MILLIONS with direct mail.

So why can’t two highly intelligent and successful online marketers make direct work?

That’s simple…

They did EVERYTHING wrong!

You may THINK you can simply apply what you’re doing online to direct mail and make it work… but you’re going to learn a very expensive lesson.

How do I know?

Well, first of all, direct mail is how I started way back in the pre-Internet days.

And believe you me… I’ve made ALL the mistakes.

By the way… it still amuses me all the people who claim they want an “Internet business” because of the lifestyle it can offer them.

I had that kind of lifestyle while most of the current IM gurus were still in diapers… all done with direct mail and space ads! Nobody had even heard of the Internet back then.

The Internet is not a business… it’s just another form of media we direct marketers use. We are actually “direct response marketers”… NOT Internet Marketers. The Internet is just the media used.

Geez, that’s a pet peeve of mine!

Don’t get me wrong… it’s a great media… but it’s just brain-dead STUPID to ignore other media that could be equally successful.

Did the introduction of radio kill off newspapers and magazines?

Did the introduction of TV kill off radio?

Has the Internet killed off radio and TV like many “experts” predicted?

No! They’re going as strong as ever!

And all those people who predicted the death of direct mail with the advent of e-mail look like mouth-breathing morons right now.

A new media almost never kills off an old one.

But here’s what DOES happen with the advent of a new media…

  1. A few forward thinking people jump on it and make a fortune while it is still new.
  2. When word of that success gets out, thousands of other marketers jump on the band wagon… and that starts slowly killing off the golden goose.
  3. Then the looters get involved… the government and worthless bureaucrats who couldn’t make it in the real world if their lives depended on it… and they start regulating it out of existence. (Can you say broadcast fax?)

The Internet has been in stage 2 for quite a while now.

Stage 3 has already started… and it’s only going to get worse. We’ve got over 100 years of history to back me up on that.

(We’ve also got 100+ years of history showing that “God-fearing, freedom-loving” Americans are going to react to Stage 3 just like they have reacted to the abrogation of all their other civil rights… sitting on their collective asses, cowering in fear and doing NOTHING. But that’s a story for another time.)

Wanna know the only existing media that has NOT been squeezed to death by Stage 3?

Good old fashioned snail mail!

Actually, thanks to all the clueless marketers only focusing on the Internet, it’s better than ever.

For all those underprivileged young’uns who have have grown up in the Internet age, direct mail is like an email… but it’s printed on a piece of paper, folded, inserted in an envelope, addressed with an actual postal address, a stamp stuck on it and relegated to the United States Postal Service for delivery to the recipient at an actual home or business.

Frickin’ brilliant, isn’t it?

Why is that better than e-mail?

Well, for a lot of reasons…

Just look at the declining open rates of e-mail over the past 3 years… and consequently declining sales.

In one of my businesses we are down to getting 10% of the sales from e-mail than we used to get just three years ago… and our e-mail list is FOUR times bigger now!

I’ve asked around and this is a pretty typical problem.

There are a lot of reasons for the declining response to e-mail but the biggest problem is that we’re in Stage 2.

Here’s something esle you may find interesting:

A key finding from an International Communications Research study is that despite today’s digital world and plethora of electronic media, consumers clearly prefer mail to all other communication vehicles, notably including e-mail… especially for receiving product and service offers.

  • 73% prefer mail for receiving new product and service announcements, promotions, offers and other information from companies they do business with versus only 18% who prefer receiving the same content by e-mail.
  • For confidential information such as invoices, statements, bank statements, financial reports, the preference is 86% mail, only 10% e-mail.
  • 70% prefer mail for receiving information from companies they are NOT currently doing business with.  This makes new customer acquisition by all other means tough… and getting tougher.
  • Below 10% prefer e-mail for receiving information from companies they are NOT currently doing business with.
  • Only 31% of consumers say they frequently discard mail unopened identified as commercial in nature, but 53.2% say they frequently delete such e-mail unopened.

Now keep in mind this is a general population survey.  My own informal survey of busy entrepreneurs suggests 80%+ routinely delete unopened e-mail versus under 40% for mail.

Pretty interesting, huh?

Would you like to know WHY consumers prefer snail mail?

Well, they asked them. And they said:

  • 45.3% – less intrusive, doesn’t interrupt other activities.
  • 40.2% – more convenient, can easily be saved and considered at choice of times.
  • 30.2% – less high-pressured, lets me arrive at a decision intelligently.
  • 22.7% – more descriptive, provides better information.

The bottom line is pretty obvious…

Your customers prefer receiving
your info via direct mail!

And with the MOUNTAINS of evidence proving it, here are the BIGGEST reasons only a drooling moron would rely exclusively on e-mail and online marketing for customer acquisition and back end sales…

First of all, USPS’s deliverability issues are pretty much a thing of the past. (In fact, if you know the secrets, you can get damn near close to 100% deliverability with direct mail.)

But let’s look at a WORST case direct mail scenario:

If 900 out of 1,000 pieces of direct mail arrive, less 31% discarded unopened, that’s 621 little salesmen with a chance at making a sale.

But if only 200 out of 1,000 e-mails get delivered (which is a pretty good delivery rate nowadays)… less 53% deleted (typical)… that’s only 94 with a shot at making a sale.

Which do you think has a better chance at bringing in more sales?

Look, I could literally speak for DAYS about the intelligent use of direct mail and the various ways you can harness its power to make a LOT of money.

Today I’m just trying to show you that NOT using it is hurting your bottom line… BIG time!

Speaking of me speaking for days about direct mail, I recently mailed (yes, with direct mail) an offer to an exclusive group of direct response marketers for a small coaching program I’m doing on direct mail.

Not only am I revealing many of my best secrets for making money with direct mail, I’m offering a lot of one-on-one attention. And because of that, the program is NOT cheap.

It’s in the $2,400 to $3,000 range.

And honestly, I think it’s under-priced. You could easily make back your investment (and more) within a just a few short weeks… unless you’re suffering from a recent head injury.

A lot of people expressed interest in the program but the price tag was a little too high for them.

So I’m thinking about offering the exact same coaching program… without the personal attention and without also giving away the DVDs of the webinars (I’ll post them on a password-protected site instead), CDs of the audio… and without the written transcripts… but at a MUCH lower price.

See, the personal attention is the most time-consuming part, hence the high price.

But without that component, I think I can get the price down to about $700.

If there’s enough interest, I’m planning on doing this coaching program for six straight days in October some time.

If you would be sincerely interested in my direct mail coaching program, please let me know by entering your first name and e-mail in the box below.

That will opt you into a special list and you’ll get all the info about this as soon as it’s ready… probably in another week or so.


Here’s the box to opt in:

E-mail Versus Linking To A Blog Post… Which Is Best?

Sunday, 2:56 PM

Dear Friend,

I’ve had a couple lengthy conversations with Jim Yaghi this week.

The guy is frickin’ brilliant!

He’s a genius…


He has an IQ of 156. That’s only 4 points lower than Einstein, don’t ya know.

He doesn’t feel a need to brag about it or plaster it all over his website and everything he publishes. The chest-beating, self aggrandizing thing isn’t his style.

The only reason I know about his IQ is because of an ongoing inside joke we have in our mastermind group.

Jim is one of those “under the radar” experts. For several years now, I’ve conspired with several other marketers to keep him our little secret.

Yes, I’m being selfish. I don’t want to share him.

You see, Jim has accomplished mini-miracles with PPC (pay per click).

Time and time again, he has done what most “experts” said was impossible… get affordable clicks and conversions in the most expensive, competitive and cut-throat niches.

That’s why I recently hired him for a new project I’m putting together.

Anyhoo… Jim has a unique perspective on the long term investment and payoff from a properly promoted blog.

It resonates with some thoughts and concerns I’ve had recently.

First of all, I’m not really feeling this “send e-mails instead of directing people to the blog” thing.

In one of my other businesses, it immediately TRIPLED sales from e-mail marketing.

But this blog is a different animal.

I’m trying to build a long term community of like-minded people. I’m not looking for an immediate payoff.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, one of the things that has suffered from the “send e-mails instead of directing people to a blog post” is the amount of comments.

I think comments on the blog are pretty important for community-building… not to mention search engine positioning. (Plus it strokes my ego and lets me know somebody is listening.)

It’s important for me that you know I appreciate your comments. I read every one… and try to respond to most of them, too.

When I’m really busy and can’t respond, I get concerned you may feel like I’m “snubbing” you… or something like that.

I promise you that’s not the case.

Here’s the thing…

Recently I’ve taken on a LOT of work. I’m completely re-inventing my main biz and working on three other big projects… and several smaller “bread and butter” projects, too.

I’m busier than I’ve been in years.

I’m “making hay while the sun is still shining”… for urgent reasons I’m only sharing with my Inner Circle clients and private mastermind group.

So please don’t feel bad if I can’t immediately respond to your comments. I promise you I read them all and will respond when I can.

Several very sharp marketers have told me I’m wasting my time doing all this… and should only spend my time with people who are BUYERS… not just subscribers to a free blog.

I guess that’s true… if you only look at immediate return on investment.

But I’m looking at the bigger picture.

Yes, it’s true I’m in the process of building a business around what I do here at I’ve made that very clear.

I’m going to have to be more selective with whom I share my more advanced stuff. I only want to reveal that to those who are truly ready for it and can benefit most from it. (Click here if you think you’re qualified for that.)

But I’m not going to slack off on my free content just because I’m soon going to be offering more paid content.

I’m still going to do my best to continue providing you with a lot of value… even though many of my colleagues say I’m wasting my time and “casting pearls before swine.” (THEIR words, not mine.)

So my “e-mail versus blog post” experiment has ended… for now.

I’m glad I tried it. It’s paying off big time in other niches… but may not be the best thing right now to support my plans for this blog.

Why not give it a try yourself and let me know how it works out?

All the best,




Brilliant Copywriting Won’t Sell A Turd

Wednesday, 7:54 AM

Dear Friend,

I like reading quotes from successful people.

They inspire me.

You may have noticed I like using them at the beginning of my blog posts, too.

Here are a few memorable ones from some of my heroes:


“Motion beats meditation.” – Gary Halbert

“Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly.” – Zig Ziglar

“You don’t have to get it perfect, you just have to get it going.” – Gary Halbert

“I can write better than anybody who can write faster, and I can write faster than anybody who can write better.” – A. J. Liebling (Although I first heard this from Gary Bencivenga.)

“Good artists copy. Great artists steal.” – Picasso

“Money solves problems not having money creates.” – John Carlton

“Success is a process, not an event.” – Gary Halbert

“You’re either growing or you’re rotting.” – Dan Kennedy

“There is no problem that can’t be solved with a world-class sales letter.” – Gary Halbert

“Would you rather have the pain of regret or the pain of discipline?” – Ted Nicholas

“A gifted product is mightier than a gifted pen.” – Gary Bencivenga


That’s just a handful. I could go on all day.

All these guys will be remembered for these eloquent and inspiring quotes.

What am I most remembered for?

“Brilliant Copywriting Won’t Sell A Turd!”

It just popped into my head during an interview with copywriter/marketer par excellente, Ben Settle.

I didn’t give it much thought at the time… but for some reason, people seem to remember it.

I really wish I would have said something more eloquent.

I mean, Halbert is remembered for famous stuff like, “Motion beats meditation” and “Success is a process, not an event.”

But me? I’m remembered for my turd quote.

And I can’t seem to escape it.

In fact, I have this recurring nightmare…

I’m floating around in the ether, watching my own funeral.

All my friends and family are there… there’s beautiful music being played by world class musicians… people are reminiscing about me and swapping “Doberman Dan” stories… some are crying, some are laughing…

And after they put me into the ground, a gravestone is carefully placed at the head of my final resting place.

On it, engraved in a beautiful script, are the words…

Here lies Daniel Charles Gallapoo aka Doberman Dan…
“Brilliant copywriting won’t sell a turd.”

I’m sure my family would be proud. :)

Anyhoo… the point I was so non-eloquently trying to make was that the copy is just a small part of the success of any project.

There are several other MUCH more important things you need to get right first.

And if you know these, you can make a LOT of money with even half-assed copy.

I know… because I have.

And still am in a couple different niches.

Could I make more money with better copy?


And I will… in due time.

In the meantime, I simply followed the advice of my mentor…

“You don’t have to get it perfect,
you just have to get it going.”

- Gary Halbert

I got these projects GOING. That is the most important part.

Improving them is an ongoing process.

But before you can get anything going… you have to know a few simple “marketing secrets of the masters.”

And that is EXACTLY what I’m going to reveal to you.

Here’s the deal:

I’m going to start a brand new kitchen table business… and I’m gonna let you in on it.

By the way… what I call a “kitchen table business” is this…

A part-time business you can start on the cheap… either on your kitchen table or online… and you can make a nice side income with very little investment of your time.

An income that keeps coming in month after month… but only takes a couple hours a week to run.

And if you know how to do it, many of these projects can be turned into 6-figure or even 7-figure businesses.

Nowadays I usually start these projects online first and then take them offline for even more money.

Usually… but not always.

As a matter of fact, a recent project for a client was done for direct mail ONLY… and it’s gonna make an absolute FORTUNE as soon as he starts rolling out.

Anyhoo… like I said, I’m starting a new kitchen table project soon in a brand new niche.

AND I’m going to do something I’ve never done before.

I’m going to…

Let You “Look Over My Shoulder” During The Entire Process…
So You can Discover All My Best Money-Making Secrets!

This is the stuff I’ve only shared with a HANDFUL of people in my inner circle.

I’ve never shared it in my blog… and probably never will.

I enjoy writing my blog.

It’s my way of passing on many of the marketing secrets I’ve discovered from 16+ years in the wonderful world of mail order and direct response… and the secrets I learned working side by side with marketing legend, Gary Halbert.

But there’s a LOT more insider information I can reveal that goes way beyond the scope of this free blog.

And to be quite frank, I have to be really careful with whom I share this knowledge.

It’s much too powerful for me to let it get into the hands of some scumbag rip off artist.

See, this stuff is REALLY powerful.

I’m talking really high level persuasion secrets. (After all, that’s all marketing really is… persuasion.)

And like any other power, it can be used for good or evil… and be equally powerful for either.

Not to mention, there are a lot of secrets I gleaned from Halbert… especially for high income earners… that I am simply unwilling to publish in a public forum.

My trusted contacts around the globe don’t want their contact info posted online…

…And most important…

I don’t want this most sensitive information indexed and archived by Google and open to various wolves in sheep’s clothing and other low-life scumbags who make their living preying upon others.

So I’ve decided that the best way to reveal these insider secrets and sensitive information is to launch a premium service.

And to launch this new premium service, I’m going to let you look over my shoulder, step-by-step as I start my new business.

I won’t hold anything back.

You’ll discover my entire process for starting these “lifestyle” businesses.

If it brings in a ton of cash, you’ll know every tiny detail of how I did it.

If it totally flops… you’ll be right there with me… so we can BOTH learn from the experience and move on to something else that WILL work.

Other than my recent 8-week Kitchen Table Business coaching program, I’ve never gone this “deep” with anybody before and revealed all these inner circle secrets.

And month after month, I will continue to reveal my most effective success secrets amassed from years in the direct marketing trenches.

If you’ve never started a business in your life but dream of relaxed lifestyle only working a few hours a week…

…Or you already have a successful business and are looking to take it to the next level…

Then This is For YOU!

I SHOULD charge a hefty price for this… because it’s worth it.

But I want to make it accessible to anybody who sincerely wants to discover the secrets to living the same “lazy man’s way to riches” I’ve enjoyed since I declared my freedom from my J.O.B. (Journey Of the Broke) in 1997.

So it’s NOT going to cost a fortune.

In fact, the monthly investment will be approximately HALF of what you’d spend a day on a Starbucks coffee.

Have I got your greed glands going yet?

Would you like to be “let in” on my best money-making “lazy lifestyle” secrets?

Here’s what you need to do right NOW:

Click here to get all the details about this unique opportunity.

As soon as you do that, you’ll be privy to all the info about this “discover my secrets” service.

Click here now so you won’t miss out on all my best secrets.

All the best,



P.S. There’s no need for a P.S.! I already explained why in the previous post.

Awwww… what the heck!

Since you’re already here, I’ll go ahead and use the “P.S.” to remind you to click here now.


My Best Money-Making Secrets Revealed

Friday, 12:26 AM

“You are writing the script of your life.”

- John Carlton

Dear Friend,

Thoreau was right…

Most people really DO live lives of quiet desperation and die with the music still inside them.

Or like John Carlton said at our recent mastermind meeting…

Most people live their entire lives as if following a script written by somebody else.

They have no earthly idea THEY are writing the script.

And even more amazing… they have no idea their script writing software has a delete button…

… Or they can change the plot… or even the entire cast of characters at any time.

You thought you had to follow the present plot out to the very end?

Not at all.

You thought you were on the last page of the last chapter?

Only if that’s what YOU decide.

Any time you decide, you can introduce an entirely new cast of characters… a brand new plot… and as many new pages as you need to complete your story.

Any time.

Even right now.

Did your last chapter not turn out like you expected?

Your hero went left at the fork in the road only to decide 500 miles down the road that he should have gone right?

No biggie.

Have him turn around and go back!

It really IS that easy.

In fact…

I Give You Permission To Do It!

If you’ve been sitting on your ass waiting for some magical, mystical authority figure to float down from the heavens, anoint you and grant you permission to make a change in your life…

There ya go!

You just got it.

You no longer have any excuses.

As a matter of fact, I’m going to take my own advice…

I’m going to back track to the fork in the road and go the other direction.

See, I think I may have gotten a little side-tracked with my blog here.

I’ve been creating a lot of content for people who already have successful businesses but want to take them to the next level.

I’ve also been talking a lot about the success mindset and how to overcome challenges. (Probably because I’ve had a lot of challenges to overcome recently.)

So I may have lost track of my main focus… and that is to be…

The Kitchen Table Entrepreneur’s Best Friend!

Making millions is a great goal.

But before you can make your first million, you’ve got to make your first dollar.

Or an extra $500 a month.

Or maybe an extra $1,000 a month would make a difference in your life.

Back when I was a lowly civil servant, an extra $1,000 a month would have made a HUGE difference.

Heck, an extra $250 a month would have helped… a LOT.

So if you’re like I was and have a job you’re DYING to get out of… or maybe you’d just like to make a nice extra chunk of change each month from a part-time kitchen table venture…

Let’s Get Started Rewriting The Script Of Your Life!

Who knows… maybe your little kitchen table business could turn into something bigger.

Several of mine did.

Oops! There I go again… getting ahead of myself!

Let’s get you started making an extra $500 to $1,000 a month first. THEN we can start talking about the bigger money.

So how are we going to start rewriting your life script and get you making some more money?

How about with one of my famous kitchen table businesses?

That’s the best way I know.

In fact, in this post I’ve already taken you step-by-step and shown you EXACTLY how I started my very first kitchen table entrepreneurial venture.

That’s a darn good model to follow. It’s worked for me a bunch of times… in a plethora of niches.

In my recent Kitchen Table Business Coaching Program, I took 11 guys through this entire process with me.

But I think I can go one better.

I’m going to start a brand new kitchen table business… in a brand new niche I’ve never worked in before.

AND I’m going to do something I’ve never done before.

I’m going to…

Document The Entire Process For You!

That’s right… you’ll get all the behind the scenes scuttlebutt.

The good, the bad and the ugly.

If this thing blows up and makes me an extra six figures a month, you’ll get every single detail about how I did it.

If I get side-tracked trying to “chase two rabbits at the same time” (like so many entrepreneurs try to do)… I won’t lie to you.

If it’s just a “base hit”… making me an extra $500 to $2,000 a month… you’ll know the exact plan I followed.

If I fall flat on my face and the entire project bombs… I won’t hide it from you. You’ll get every dirty little detail.

Home run… base hit… or strike out…

You’re Going To Discover All My Best
Money-Making Secrets!

What’s that?

You say you’re chomping at the bit to watch me in action and discover my lazy man’s way of making money?

Well, keep your drawers on, grasshopper.

The first lesson you must learn is patience.

I know… patience sucks. You want it NOW!

But to tell you the truth, this stuff is just too good to share with everybody and their brother.

You’re gonna have to QUALIFY to get these secrets.

And the first step in doing that is to click here.

As soon as you do that, you’ll be presented with an opportunity to get on a special list.

Once you’re on this special list, you’ll be the first to watch me “in action”… starting a brand new Doberman Dan kitchen table business… step-by-step… revealing ALL the nuts and bolts of making it happen… and watching the fungolas roll in.

Sound good?


Click here now to set yourself apart from the crowd and start rewriting the script of your life.

All the best,



P.S. Wanna know why people always say the “P.S.” is the second most important part of a letter?

It’s from back in the old direct mail days.

Usually, after looking at the headline, people would immediately skip to the end of the letter to see who had sent it.

And while they were looking at the end of the letter, the P.S. was a good opportunity to grab their attention.

That’s why you always hear the “you must ALWAYS include a P.S. in your sales copy” rule parroted by different gurus.

Wanna hear some copywriting heresy?

I’ve tested it online in my main niche… and the P.S. didn’t make a lick of difference in response.

You see… online, people usually already know who is writing to them.

It’s not like the old direct mail days where you had to skip to the end of the letter to find out.

So maybe… just maybe… online at least, the P.S. ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Don’t get me wrong… I think it’s important to learn “the rules” and have a good foundation.

But some of the most successful direct mail pieces and websites in the history of direct response have broken the rules.

So, yeah… learn the rules first… then try breaking them and see what happens.

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