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HUGE conversions…


On my personal “road to Damascus”, I had a “Saul to Paul” conversion.

Actually NUMEROUS “Saul to Paul” conversions.

Say whhaaaat?

You don’t know who Saul is?

Judas H. Priest! You ruined my whole stick. Now it’s like explaining the punchline of a joke.

Whatever. Here goes…

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FREE 1-on-1 Phone Consultations

Dear Friend,

A couple days ago I announced some highly valuable opportunities subscribers to The Doberman Dan Letter are getting very soon.

Patricia in customer support has been deluged with questions. She is answering the ones she can and passing off a few to me.

Here’s one Patricia answered I thought you might want to see:

Question: “I was wondering if you subscribe to The Doberman Dan Letter, do you get access to previous issues? Will they be in ebook format or will he post them via snail mail including Dan’s recent issue? When did Dan start his offline newsletter? “

Answer: As an unannounced bonus when you subscribe before August 31, Dan is including all the back issues since he started publishing in January 2011. They will be sent in hard copy in a big red, white and blue Priority Mail package with all your bonuses.

Good job, Patricia! I’ll make a copywriter out of her yet.

BTW, English is Patricia’s SECOND language… so occasionally I have to help her decipher some slang, weird sayings or whatever. But if you’ve corresponded with her I bet you had no idea English was not her 1st language, right?

Here’s a little secret:

If you were at my seminar in Orlando the end of last year, you saw her in person there. And believe me… ALL the men noticed her. :) (My very perceptive subscribers will be able to figure out who she is… even though they didn’t meet her as “Patricia.” That’s her middle name and customer service “nom de plume.”)

Anyhoo, here’s a question Patricia passed along to me yesterday…

Question: “Hi Dan, I gotta tell you, I’ve been putting off getting your newsletter. Specifically because I’m at a point in my life where I have a 40-hour-a-week job, a 20-hour-a-week freelance copywriting practice, and two little kids still in diapers. Plus a wife who needs love and attention.

However, I do know I need to get off my duff and launch my own products…you’ve sold me on this message. I know it’s my ticket to quitting the job and getting myself 100% self-sufficient financially…as well as positioning me as a go-to guy for DR copywriting.

So I’m sitting here wondering if it’s worth me getting your newsletter, just to get my hands on some of those ’95% complete projects’ you talked about…the ‘Doberman Dan Approved’ projects and businesses you mention in the PS of your recent post.

But I’m worried I’ll get your newsletter (which I know to be excellent) and do NOTHING with the information. I’ve got a habit of doing this with information products.

I know you are a busy man. And I know I’m not (yet) a paying customer. But can you tell me a just a LITTLE more about these projects? Just a hint more about the kind of projects, what kind of markets, what you would provide and how you would hand them off to a subscriber?

I understand if this isn’t possible…but we both know I’m a buyer and just need a little more justification (hand-holding) to make a decision.”

My Answer: Thanks for your message.  This part caught my interest:

“But I’m worried I’ll get your newsletter (which I know to be excellent) and do NOTHING with the information. I’ve got a habit of doing this with information products.”

That is a very common problem… so don’t beat yourself up about it.

In fact, a large part of the August issue was devoted to that problem.

And I revealed the root cause of this problem on the August subscribers teleconference. (Something almost EVERYBODY gets wrong… even “expert” psychiatrists and psychologists.)

AND… in the September issue going out soon, the solution I presented on the August subscribers teleconference is backed up with positive proof from the field of neuroscience.

Quite honestly, I’ve never seen ANYBODY present the REAL root cause of this problem… and it’s cure… and I’ve been study psychology, motivation and self help for 25 years.

So I’m not B.S.’ing you when I say… the solution to this problem (and many others) is in The Doberman Dan Letter.

Honestly, it ain’t that difficult once you understand the REAL cause.  Problem is, everybody has been wrong about the real cause of this problem. They’ve diagnosed the SECONDARY problem/symptom correctly… but not the underlying root cause.

Go ahead and subscribe.  NOBODY else is revealing the stuff I am… because everybody else who COULD is dead.

A caveat:

Admittedly, my opinion is biased because I personally created the whole kit and kaboodle.

But look at the testimonials.  Those people are not biased… and they aren’t lying either.

In my most humble (but accurate) opinion subscribing to my newsletter just may the most important thing you’ve ever done.

I’m going to look forward to welcoming you into my little “Marketing Camelot.” You belong with us.

You’ve got more potential and talent than you can possibly realize… and I’m not going to let you take yourself for granted any more.

All the best,

P.S. Forgive me if I sound like a pushy salesman. I’m just REALLY passionate about my newsletter because people’s lives are changing… and we’re having tons of “A-HA” moments.

So, yes, I’m pretty passionate.  But please don’t mistake that for pressure. (I HATE it when I’m pressured by people. I don’t ever want to do that to you.)


This gentleman had a valid concern. (He did subscribe, by the way.) No amount of “how to” information, no matter how valuable it is, will do you one bit of good if it’s not implemented.

That’s why I’ve been searching high and low for the solution to this lack of action/self sabotage problem for over two decades… and have FINALLY nailed it.

Now some BAD news…

As an extra bonus to your subscription to The Doberman Dan Letter, I have been offering FREE 1-on-1 phone consultations with me. (The people who have used them have had some pretty significant breakthroughs.)

You’ll notice that the part about the 1-on-1 phone consultations is no longer in the sales letter. The only thing mentioned is our monthly group teleconferences.

I gave my word to my present subscribers that I would offer these 1-on-1 phone consultations… and they’ll continue to have access to me,  just like I promised.

(There IS one condition… you have to be taking action on something and have some kind of results to show me. I won’t invest my time with people who aren’t “doers.”)

But I deleted the 1-on-1 phone consultations bonus from the current sales letter. Now that the subscriber base is growing… and there’s only one of lil’ ole moi’… I simply can’t handle the increased demand on my time with all the other projects I’m juggling.

So the BAD news is… subscribers who come on AFTER September 1 will no longer have the option of 1-on-1 phone consultations with me as a free extra bonus.

But the GOOD news…

Subscribe before midnight August 31…
You’ll be “grandfathered in”
and you’ll have ONGOING access
to 1-on-1 phone consultations with me!

Before I stopped offering it, my consulting rate was $2,000.00/hour.

Get in my “Marketing Camelot” now (that’s what I call the cool “extended family” and “esprit de corps” vibe we have) before August 31… use your 30-minute 1-on-1 consultation bonus with me just once a month… and…

That’s equal to $12,000.00 of consulting every year!

You get all that…

…Plus my monthly newsletter…

…Frequent extra unannounced bonus videos and audios…

…Our monthly teleconferences with open Q&A…

…First dibs on working with me on DD-approved projects…

…DEEP discounts on any seminars I put on and products I release…

…First shot at any copywriting jobs that cross my desk…

…AND first shot at writing copy for several of my personal projects…

For the ridiculously low investment of only $1.66 a day!

There’s simply NO excuse whatsoever for not getting in on this. It’s within EVERYBODY’S budget.

Click here now to get in on this “no-brainer” offer now before August 31 at midnight.

I’m looking forward to welcoming you into my “Marketing Camelot.”

All the best,



More Personal Help From Me… More Often

Tuesday, 9:33 PM

As you may already know… I’m doing a monthly call-in for the subscribers to The Doberman Dan Letter.

Subscribers can ask me any questions, get feedback on ideas, copy, offers, results from marketing tests, etc.

People LOVE it. And the success stories are starting to POUR in.

I’m also offering one on one consultations with the players… the REAL action takers.

There’s only one problem…

Everybody Wants More!

There are LOTS of subscribers with lots of questions… and only one of me!

The last call lasted 2 and 1/2 hours and I STILL wasn’t able to get to all the questions.

So I’ve come up with a solution.

I’ve partnered with my friend, online marketer extraordinaire, Markus Allen. Every Thursday at noon Eastern Time I participate in his members-only  “Marketing Junkies” calls.

Unless I’m under a tight deadline writing copy or traveling or something, I’m on most of the calls every Thursday.

So if you’re a subscriber to The Doberman Dan Letter and you’d like to get more of my personal help, more often, why not join us on the Marketing Junkies calls every Thursday at noon Eastern time.

With all the personal attention you get on the weekly calls, all the insider stuff like the secret Million Dollar Rolodex, and the thousands of hours of archived  tutorials on how to generate tons of traffic and get a FLOOD of new customers FAST… you don’t want to miss out on this.

See ya there this Thursday at high noon Eastern Time.

All the best,



Who Should I Learn From?

Sunday, 11:20 AM

Dear Friend,

I have to admit…

It has amused me to watch all these little 20-something kids gain their fame as online marketing gurus during the earlier part of this decade.

Never mind that up until about 2008, we’ve enjoyed such a strong credit-fueled economy that a monkey with a web browser and Paypal account could have made money.

But where are all the IM wonder boys now?

Hell, I know guys still curled up in a fetal position crying and sucking their thumbs because they got “Google slapped” a couple years ago.

They’ve never financially recovered.

But even worse.

Actually MUCH worse…

They’ve Never PSYCHOLOGICALLY Recovered!

Instead, they let one little minor challenge stop them dead in their tracks… and their only reaction was to roll over, piss all over themselves and cry out to God about the injustice in the world. (BTW, God ain’t listening. He already warned you stuff like this happens… and he gave you the brains, skills and ability to handle it yourself.)

And there they’ve remained ever since. Not able to overcome that tiny little hurdle thrown up in front of them.

First of all, “Google slap” was a freight train we direct response veterans saw coming down the tracks YEARS before it happened. And a few of us TRIED to warn you.

Problem was, you were listening to the IM wonder boys… the 20-something crowd who claimed to have the insider track on all this “new” stuff that worked online.

And for the longest time it seemed as if things were humming along perfectly for the young wonder boy crowd… the money coming in faster than they could count it, the sun always shining, the birds always singing… and the wind always at their back.

But then the challenges and changes came.

And many of those IM wonder boys have disappeared… and have never been able to overcome the various challenges like “Google slap” and all the other adjustments in the marketplace that stopped them dead in their tracks.

Yup, there’s a BIG reason most have not overcome these various challenges.

Actually TWO reasons:

The Lack Of Those Two Organs
They’re SUPPOSED To Have
Between Their Legs!

Or for the ladies… a lack of intestinal fortitude.

BTW, funny thing I’ve noticed. This “lack of balls” problem so prevalent in the younger generation only seems to be a problem with the MALES. For whatever reason, the women have their act MUCH more together in that department.

In fact, my wife, being from Colombia, has done things that would leave 99% of the guys I know cowering in a corner, paralyzed with fear.

I’ve noticed something about a lot of my fellow Americans… especially the ones who grew up in the same socio-economic class as me. (I believe the technical term for it is “white trash.”)

They get pissed off and jealous when they see an immigrant with a successful business. But there’s a reason a large percentage of immigrants have successful businesses… and there’s also a reason a large percentage of American (it’s now in the TENS of MILLIONS) are worthless looting losers, sucking at the public teat.

You see, most Americans can’t even begin to imagine the fear you experience when living in a country where you don’t speak the language and don’t understand the culture. (Hell, less than 5% of Americans even have a PASSPORT… and 90% have never been any further than 10 miles from where they grew up.)

Now, try imagining building a business with this language barrier fear and the overwhelming “heart in your throat” fear caused by culture shock. (It is VERY real.  I’ve personally experienced it… several times in a couple different countries.)

But the Colombiana, instead of using that MAJOR challenge and overwhelming fear as an excuse, forged forward in spite of the crippling fear and did whatever it took to build a successful business in this strange, foreign land.

Let me tell you… SHE should be the one doing seminars. NOT some punk ass 20-something kid from a wealthy family, whose Ivy League education was paid for by daddy… who then, working with BOTH a safety cable AND safety net built a successful online business selling “make money on the Internet” products during one of the most prosperous periods in the history of the world.

That Is NOT The Guy To Learn From!

BTW, do you know what I mean when I say, “working with BOTH a safety cable AND safety net?”

When a rookie is learning a high wire routine, he has both a strong safety cable attached to the high wire and a strong leather belt around his waist. He also has a safety net at the bottom to safely catch him if he falls.

With all that, it’s pretty damn hard to fall… and you can have all the confidence in the world because if you DO fall it’s pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to get hurt.

Compare the rookie to the guy who has been working on the high wire for DECADES without any kind of safety cable or safety net. If he goes down, it’s game over for him.

THAT has been my entrepreneurial career since 1996… ZERO safety net.

When the shit hits the fan (and it has… many times) there are no rich relatives to bail me out.

There’s no pension fund, disability, social security or ANY government sponsored social programs or bail outs for me.

MY bail out plan… the ONLY one I’ve got… is what’s between my ears. And even more importantly… what’s between my legs.

And I have been “tested by fire”… time and time again.

You see, I know how it feels to lose EVERYTHING… forced to live in my car (a 12 year old Ford Taurus with no air conditioning).

And I know how it feels to sit down at the public library computer, (because I no longer had one), scared to death, writing a sales letter that HAD to work… or Donner and I literally weren’t going to eat that week.

Yes, my entrepreneurial path has had its ups and downs. And at times, they have been EXTREME.

I know what it’s like to go from being broke and living in my car… to making 6-figures a MONTH

All In The Same Year!

(That’s how extreme these entrepreneurial “ups and downs” can be.)

And if stuff like that had only happened to me once, I’d probably chalk it up to chance or luck or something.

But these extreme ups and downs have happened to me over and over again… for almost two decades.

(Hell, they’re happening right now!)

But no matter how hard I get knocked down, I just keep getting up again.

And as hard as it has been to get up time after time… each time I DO get up, I’m stronger than ever.

I’ll get to the point of my little rant:

I recently re-read all of Gary Halbert’s old newsletters. (The ones I have in hard copy when it was a PAID subscription. Not the free ones posted online.)

I also re-read all of Ted Nicholas’ old hard copy newsletters from the early 90′s.

Same thing with all the old Thomas Hall materials, some very rare books and materials I have from Gene Schwartz…

…Every single issue of The Marketing Rebel Rant by John Carlton (back when it was a paid newsletter, delivered in hard copy)… and all my current and old Dan Kennedy newsletters.

Here’s why all that stuff is timeless and invaluable… and always will be. And all the $2,000+ crap produced by the “has been” IM gurus is now nothing more than a fart in the wind.

It comes down to three things:

Character, Experience and Guts!

The guy I want to learn from, is the guy who has been tested by fire. The guy knocked down time after time but just kept getting up and moving forward.

The guy who, once, when hit so hard and knocked down so bad…kept moving the only way possible.  Inching forward little by little on his belly until he could regain the strength to crawl forward on his hands and knees.

And instead of giving up and staying down… even though it took MONTHS… he got back on his feet and kept moving forward.

The guy who has had the guts to work the high wire without a safety net… decade after decade.

Who, when successful, is cheered by a small group of followers who truly appreciate what it means to be a “man’s man”… and how scary and difficult it is to put yourself out there time after time on the high wire without a safety net.

And who, when falls without the security of a safety net, is the subject of sneers, laughter and criticism from all those timid souls who live their lives in fear and quiet desperation, never even ATTEMPTING anything significant.

The pathetic souls who, with their criticism, attempt to justify their lack of accomplishment… and in some sick pathetic way, try to make themselves feel better about their cowardice.

Because, you see, they’ve chosen to let their fears paralyze them from attempting to do something… anything… with their God-given potential… and instead, they allow themselves to be a slave to their cowardice.

So they secretly hope for the strong man to fall so they can criticize him… and in so doing, in their sick, twisted minds, somehow make themselves temporarily feel better about their lack of integrity and the choice to be a slave to cowardice.

The men of character, experience and guts are the ones I want to learn from… and that’s why I continue to read the classic direct response and mail order material over and over again, month after month… year after year.

And that’s why I laugh at the arrogant 20-something pricks who claim to be an “online marketing/copywriting expert” because they took a 6-week course.

Who arrogantly tell me…

“I don’t need to read all that old stuff about writing sales letters, mail order and direct marketing. That’s just the basics. I already know all that.”

Well, I’ve got some unnerving news for you, my pretentious, presumptuous, pompous pal. (Can you tell I like alliteration?)

Your big “fall” is coming… and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

In fact, I’d bet 10,000 to 1 you ain’t ever getting up.

Ya know why?

Because you may THINK knowing the mechanics is all you need… but what REALLY determines your success is…

Character, Experience and Guts!

And you get THAT by studying success lessons from… and associating with… men of character, experience and guts.

You see… you may THINK you’re just spending money on a newsletter or a book by a successful person.

But it’s MUCH more than that.

You’re making an investment in yourself that can NEVER be taken away. You’re ABSORBING and permanently imprinting in your neural pathways the DECADES of character-building and hard-won experience of the author.

You’re assimilating the benefits of his character, experience and guts… the stuff required for real LONG-TERM success.

Oh sure, you’ve bought all the latest courses about online marketing… created by folks working the high wire with the safety cable and safety net.

The “magic bullet” online marketing course created by the kid without any real-world experience… and whose character has never been really tested… the guy who has always worked with a safety net.

Sure, that guy can teach you a quick hit “one shot” money-making trick…

But to learn how to be successful in the long term, you need to learn from the MASTERS.

The men of character and experience, tested by fire time and time again. Who experienced the great successes… AND the humiliation of the great failures.

Who got knocked down time and time again… and instead of using it as an excuse to quit, took their “beating” as a learning experience and used it as a stepping stone to greater success.

THOSE are the men and women to study.

They are as rare as hen’s teeth.

Many are dead… but you can still study them and “associate” with them through the writings they left us.

The ones still alive?

Even more rare.

But they’re out there.

And trust me… they’re DESPERATELY seeking someone REAL to share their knowledge and experience with.

Honest, ethical people who TRULY desire to learn these lessons. And more importantly, will value these lessons and put them into ACTION.

All the best,



Help… I’m An Addict!

Sunday, 3:37 PM

Dear Friend,

I didn’t want to admit it… but it’s in my genes.

Everybody on one side of my family was an alcoholic.

And that always scared me because they say addiction/alcoholism is hereditary.

I thought I got lucky and that gene bypassed me… but I was wrong.

Allow me to elaborate:

I’ve been an entrepreneur for so long now I don’t even really understand how the “sheeple” live.

Sometimes when I’m totally absorbed in a new project, working for hours and days almost non-stop, I often ask myself, “I wonder what the ‘normal’ people are doing right now?”


I  just don’t get the mindset that says, “It’s 5:00 PM. Wo hoo! Quitting time.”

I don’t get it because…

I NEVER stop working!

I always have my antennae up looking for opportunities. I simply CAN’T shut it off.

I’m constantly thinking about…

… My own businesses…

… New markets and niches…

… New project and product ideas…

… The very small number of carefully hand-selected clients I occasionally work with…

… My Inner Circle members…

… My Marketing Junkies members…

… And more recently, the people who have invested in my Kitchen Table Business program.

For example…

I’m really excited about some new things I’m working on for 2011… so I’ve been working a lot recently.

More than I care to, actually.

Some days it’s been 7:00 AM until 12:00 midnight… with 30 minutes cut out of those 17-hour days for guitar practice… and a few other 30-minute segments for meals, reading, etc.

Like I said, it’s a lot more than I usually work… but I’m really excited about what I’m doing.

And quite frankly, I’ve been a little fatigued lately… and some days in a LOT of pain. (Those old bodybuilding injuries are catching up to me.)

So this weekend was supposed to be my “veg out and do nothing” time.

But I simply can’t shut off my mind. I’m constantly thinking of ways to help you make more money and enjoy a better life.

Here’s what I’ve done so far today on my “relax and get away from work” weekend:

Chiqui Rikki (the Shih-tzu) woke me up at 6:30 AM. (Donner the Doberman likes to sleep late, like me… but Chiqui won’t let us.)

So at “0-dark:30″ AM I had to get out of bed and let Chiqui outside.  After that I went back to bed and read a little while.

Guess what I read…

Marketing & Copywriting Stuff!

And that led to an idea about how to generate a big chunk of cash really quickly. So I sat done in front of the machine I said I was going to stay far, far away from this weekend… and started writing copy for my new idea.

The research for this new project idea led me to another idea that could help one of my KTB clients make a LOT of money. So I made a copy of that highly valuable info/swipe file and e-mailed it off to him.

After that I wrote out some hand written letters on monarch stationary (like I described here) to a few business contacts and customers.

Then it was back to work on my recently inspired copy for this new “big bucks” project.

I did a “brain dump” and quickly wrote out all the hot moneymaking ideas swirling around my head.

As I was extracting the very last “gold nugget”…a breakthrough idea for one of my new Inner Circle members popped into my spongy gray matter.

So I opened another new “brain dump” document and started excitedly tapping away at the keyboard, mining some more marketing gems from my noggin. (Just ONE of these gems is going to make my new Inner Circle member a small fortune.)

All the while, the Colombiana has been waiting for over three hours for me to go Christmas shopping with her… but I simply can NOT stop.

I’m telling ya…

It’s An Addiction!

I’m a true marketing junkie.

The Colombiana is used to it… and amazingly tolerant of it MOST of the time. (I guess she enjoys the benefits.)

But I have to be honest with you… I really do need a break from this addiction.

I’ve even tried using chemical substances to relax and slow down the thoughts and ideas constantly spinning around in my mind. My chemical substance of choice is a tonic known as a “Long Island Ice Tea.”

Powerful stuff.

It has been known to knock lesser mortals on their big ole booties… but all it ever does for me is…

Generate MORE ideas
swirling around in my melon!

So I have a dilemma, albeit a GOOD dilemma.

I simply don’t know how to turn off the entrepreneurial/moneymaking thoughts.

And here I am AGAIN… in front of the computer composing this message for YOU… while the Colombiana stands behind me, hands on hips, waiting for me to go Christmas shopping.

Hey, don’t get me wrong. I really like what I do.

I mean, when I say I “worked” a 17-hour day it doesn’t even feel like work to me. It’s more like 17 hours of excitement and new discoveries.

But let’s be honest…

There comes a time when you simply HAVE to rest, relax, recharge your batteries… and truly get away from it.

Frankly, I’ve never done a very good job of that.

So I need to ask you for a favor.

If you have any tips, tricks or secrets to help an entrepreneur rest and relax… and get his mind away from constantly thinking about new ideas and projects… I’m all ears.

Please take a couple minutes and share them in the comments box below.

Even though my mind is racing with breakthrough ideas on my “day off”… and I could spend at least another 4 hours typing away… I’m off to fight the crowds and do some Christmas shopping.

When I get back, I can’t wait to hear any ideas you have to help me relax and put the Doberman Dan “idea machine” in neutral for a few days.

I could really use the rest.

All the best,



P.S. If you’ve ever considered applying for membership in my Inner Circle… you better do it soon. On January 1st, the monthly membership is going to DOUBLE. Get in now and you’ll be locked in for life at the lower price.

P.P.S. I honestly don’t know if I’ll be doing another post before Christmas. In case I don’t, let me take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus… or whatever holiday you happen to celebrate.

Hey, here’s an idea for ya:

Like my friend, Markus Allen says… why don’t you treat yourself and your family well EVERY day… instead of using some holiday as an excuse to do it only once or twice a year.

I think that makes a lot more sense.