Successful serial entrepreneur reveals his contrarian formula that…

Creates A RUSH Of New Customers… Builds Your Business FASTER… And Brings In The HIGHEST Possible Profits!

My #1 Prediction For 2012

Monday, [6:21] PM

Dear Friend,

I’ve got some good news for you…

…or possibly some bad news.

It all depends, I guess.

1.  I can predict, almost to the penny, how much money you’re going to make in 2012…

2.  I can predict how much personal happiness, fulfillment and sense of accomplishment you’ll experience in 2012… and…

3.  I can predict how many new, exciting and successful projects you’ll start in 2012…

Wanna know the answer?

You SURE you wanna know?

Okey dokey…

My #1 prediction for you in ALL of the above 3 categories for 2012… is…

(Drum roll, please…)

The Same Or LESS
Than In 2011!

Like I said, depending on how your 2011 was, that could be good news or bad news.

Do you know how Albert Einstein defined insanity?

“Doing the same thing over and over again
and expecting different results.”

If you want different results than you had in 2011, you have to do different things.

Or… you’ll have to do MORE of the things that worked and STOP doing the things that DIDN’T work.

Either way, I’m 99.99% sure doing the same things you did in 2011 is gonna bring you the same results you got in 2011.

Actually, probably worse.

You see, having studied the monetary system since 1997… and knowing the inevitable results of a fraudulent fiat fractional reserve monetary system… I’m pretty sure even if you do the EXACT same things that were successful for you in 2011, your results are going to be DRAMATICALLY worse in 2012.

This isn’t 2005 anymore when any moron with a website and a Paypal account could make pretty decent coin online. (And many morons did.)

Many things in the marketplace have changed… and they’re now changing faster than ever.

Lots of marketers and entrepreneurs are NOT going to be happy with how those changes are going to affect their incomes.

But a few marketers and entrepreneurs are going to prosper… in spite of whatever scary stuff happens in the economy.

And I want to see YOU in the small, elite group that prospers.

So, with your permission, I’m going to send you something to make sure you’re in this elite group of entrepreneurs.

It’s the secret of Gary Halbert’s…

Multi-Million Dollar Potato Box!

One day upon returning to Halbert’s apartment after a disastrous trip on his boat that left us drifting helplessly towards Cuba, Gary pointed out a very plain wooden potato box he kept in the corner of his apartment.

He looked me in the eye and whispered slowly and deliberately…

“This potato box contains secrets that, if done exactly as I instruct, can bring you…”

“As much money as your greedy little heart desires!”

As far as making lots of money, it was one of the most important lessons I ever discovered from the late, great Gary Halbert.

And THAT is what I want to send you.

Subscribers to my newsletter paid $49.97 for this information, but I feel it’s so important for your economic survival in these changing times, you’re going to get it at…

A 90% Discount!

Here’s what you’re going to get:

It’s the December 2011 issue of The Doberman Dan Letter where I reveal the secrets of Gary Halbert’s multi-million dollar potato box  and show you the 5 hottest, most responsive and most profitable (by FAR) “goldmine” markets. These are the top-level secrets of the marketing masters that can make you as much dinero as you can possibly imagine for yourself.

With this Gary Halbert secret, revealed ONLY to me and three other lucky protégés, I’m handing you six PROVEN winning multi-million dollar business ideas on a silver platter… complete with all the copy “swipe files” you’ll need to get things going.

The strategies I’m sharing in the December issue of The Doberman Dan Letter can support you in style for the rest of your life, like they’ve done for me these past 17 years.

And if you so desire, they can fill your coffers with enough filthy lucre to support your next two GENERATIONS in style, too.

I printed a few extra copies and have one set aside just for YOU.

On one little condition:

All I ask is that you cover a portion of the costs I’m going to incur in getting this package out to you.

What costs?:

* $2.08 in postage ($5.70 for international postage)

* $4.11 in fulfillment expenses
(That covers printing costs, envelope, paying somebody to process, pick, pack and mail your order… AND… a cool, surprise, unexpected “wow-factor” mystery bonus you’re going to get — a million-dollar money-making lesson in and of itself.)

Getting this package out to you sets me back a total of  $6.19… but all I ask is you help cover a portion of that… only $4.97. ($7.97 outside North America.)

Mere pocket change to get what could quickly be worth to you $25,000… $50,000… $100,000… or even…

A Cool Million…
Or More!

Allow me to digress for a second with an IMPORTANT marketing lesson:

By asking your prospects to cover a small shipping & processing fee, you get a MUCH higher quality and responsive prospect… AND…

…you drive away the good-for-nothin’, freeloading, socialistic, looting, lazy, do-nothing moocher scumbags.

And come on… $4.97 is less than what you spend on a cup of Starbucks coffee… money you just piss away (literally!) with no return on investment… other than a temporary caffeine buzz.

I’m offering you an opportunity to get a LITERAL million-dollar money-making lesson I discovered directly from the legend himself, Gary Halbert… for mere pocket change.

AND… you’re investing 90% less than what my subscribers paid to get this issue last month.

If you truly want to be financially free, doesn’t it make sense to invest a little pocket change for something that could support you in style the rest of your life?

Let Me Ask You A Couple
Very Important Questions:

Have you always felt like you’re different than most people?

That somehow, some way you’re destined for SOME kind of greatness?

Have you recognized you’re not like the rest of the “walking dead” you’re surrounded by?

…The sad, washed up, pathetic human beings living lives of quiet desperation, without one single drop of entrepreneurial blood coursing through their veins… stuck in menial jobs they despise, barely making enough money to get by…

…with absolutely ZERO ambition, no goals, no dreams and no intestinal fortitude to “man up” and provide a better life for their family.

If you’ve somehow always known in your heart of hearts it’s not your destiny to suffer the same sad, soul-depleting fate as the rest of these poor schmucks you’re surrounded by… then…

This Offer Is A Complete
No-Brainer For You!

And NO… this isn’t some kind of crafty scam to get your credit card information and trick you into some kind of forced continuity program.

Hell NO!

No tricks, no hidden forced continuity, no upsells, no “surprise” charges to your credit card 30 days down the road… none of that crap.

I’m offering to send you some of the most important secrets I’ve used to make millions and live financially free… and all I’m asking is you simply cover a portion of my hard costs.

Of course, after you sample the December 2011 issue of The Doberman Dan Letter I HOPE you’ll join my little “Marketing Camelot” and become a subscriber… but it’s totally fine if you choose not to.

I’m just really passionate about getting my most effective money-making secrets into your hands as quickly as possible… no strings attached.

My offer is simple:

Invest a mere $4.97 to cover part of my costs and I’ll send you what I promised, the December 2011 issue of The Doberman Dan Letter.

Our deal is done, transaction complete… no “trick you into forced continuity” B.S. so frequently perpetrated by so many unscrupulous marketers.

You have my word on that.

And NO, I will NOT send you this information in any kind of digital format… for a couple reasons:

1. The “mystery bonus” you’re going to get is IMPOSSIBLE to send digitally. (You’ll understand as soon as you rip open the envelope and discover the surprise.)

2. Nearly 20 years direct marketing experience, AND the wisdom and experience gained from working/mentoring with some of the best direct marketers in the world, has unequivocally proven that information sent in hard copy is:

a. Valued and appreciated INFINITELY more than the same information delivered via digital format…

b. Has a 90%+ chance of actually getting opened and read… as opposed to getting yet another PDF that just takes up space on your hard drive.

c. Proven in numerous double-blind studies is easier and faster to read than the same information presented on a computer monitor…

d. Comprehension and retention is much higher when read in hard copy as opposed to a computer monitor, tablet or smart phone…

e. MRI brain scans have shown that our brains process paper-based and digital marketing in different ways. Interestingly, the MRI’s showed paper ads caused more emotional processing.

According to the study, physical media left a “deeper footprint” in the brain and increased what is called “sensory processing.”

Printed material generated more activity within the area of the brain associated with the integration of visual and spatial information (the left and right parietal).

This confirms that physical material is more “real” to the brain. It is also better connected to memory because it engages the brain’s spatial memory networks.

The study also demonstrated that the tangible materials involved more “emotional processing” in the subjects, highly important for accurate recall.

The study also proved more processing is taking place in the right retrosplenial cortex when physical material is presented. This part of the brain is involved in the processing of emotionally powerful stimuli and memory. So basically, hard copy materials generate more emotionally vivid memories.

The MRI’s also showed that hard copy materials generate increased activity in the cerebellum, which is associated with spatial and emotional processing (as well as motor activity.) That’s even further evidence of the enhanced emotional processing.

[From Millward Brown Case Study – Using Neuroscience to Understand the Role of Direct Mail.]

Because of “inbox overload” and the never-ending flow of new information FLOODING the Internet every second of the day, it is now IMPOSSIBLE to elicit that kind of positive cerebral response online or via e-mail.

f. Because of a, b, c , d & e above, there is a SIGNIFICANTLY higher chance you will comprehend the information much better in hard copy, it will make more of an emotional impact so you will remember it better, and most importantly, because of the emotional reaction going on in your brain, you will TAKE ACTION… which, by the way, is the most important key to your success.

Ya dig?

That’s why it’s CRUCIAL I send this to you in hard copy via the good old U.S. Postal Service. It’s for your OWN good, not mine.

I’ve kept these highly effective money-making
strategies off this blog for a very personal reason…

As you’re probably aware, I’ve been writing this free blog for several years… but I no longer disclose my most effective hard-core money-making secrets here.

See, I don’t want my most effective secrets indexed by Google for all those mooching do-nothing freeloaders we talked about earlier to see. I only want to reveal my highest of high level secrets to like-minded doers who “get it”, understand their value and, most importantly, will take action.

So now, all my very best and most effective secrets are reserved exclusively for subscribers to my new hard copy newsletter, The Doberman Dan Letter.

Each issue is like having money-making opportunities practically knock on your door. All you have to do is answer.

As you’ll soon see for yourself, The Doberman Dan Letter is very personal and from my heart. It’s me talking one-on-one with you as your mentor, sincerely interested in your success and happiness.

Every issue is like we’re sitting around at the end of the day on my deck by the pool, watching the sunset, enjoying a beer or two…

…with Donner the Doberman chasing squirrels and Chiqui Rikki the Shih Tzu jumping up into your lap…

…just hanging out enjoying life while I share my most profitable (and hard-earned) money-making and success lessons with you.

Each monthly issue (ESPECIALLY the December 2011 issue you’re soon going to get) is jam packed with hands-on, practical and immediately actionable ways for you to make big money from all the new trends developing all around us.

No matter what business you’re in… online, brick & mortar, service business, professional practice, catalog/direct mailer, copywriter, consultant, sales professional… heck, ANY kind of business… you’ll discover…

A LEGION Of Money-Making Ideas
To Quickly Boost Your Income!

Or… if you don’t yet have a business but sincerely desire to make a lot of money, while creating a lifestyle most people can only DREAM about, the December 2011 issue will put you on the “fast track.” You’ll quickly blow by all the poor marketers and entrepreneurs who will struggle for DECADES without these secrets.

Sorry, this special $4.95 trial offer has expired.

But you can still qualify for some of my best money-making secrets…

Click here to discover the $691.00 in money-making gifts you can get RUSH-shipped to you immediately…

I’m looking forward to hearing your success story very soon!

All the best,





Successful serial entrepreneur divulges his contrarian formula for getting a rush of new customers… building your business faster than ever… and making the highest possible profits…

  • NO complicated marketing campaigns…
  • NO search engine optimization…
  • NO giving away free stuff…
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… And without all the other “grunt work” that rarely – if ever – results in getting new customers and making money!

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Successful serial entrepreneur reveals his contrarian formula that…

Creates A RUSH Of New Customers… Builds Your Business FASTER… And Brings In The HIGHEST Possible Profits!

  • NO complicated marketing campaigns…
  • NO search engine optimization…
  • NO giving away free stuff…
  • NO endless email sequences…
  • NO blogging…
  • NO content marketing…
  • NO social media…

… And without all the other “grunt work” that rarely – if ever – results in getting new customers and making money!

We promise to not rent or sell your email or use it for spam

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