This window of opportunity is closing FAST…

“Why It’s Now Darn Near
Impossible To Hire
Doberman Dan!”

Dear Friend,

Apparently a lot of folks are curious about the possibility of working with me.

Especially right now.

You see, when you’re hot… word gets out fast within the direct marketing/online marketing world.

And right now I’m as hot as I’ve ever been.

I’ve got two concurrent health controls with the big behemoth monster-marketing machine known as Agora. And a new blockbuster control with the “800 lb. gorilla” known as Primal Health. (They said it pulled DOUBLE the conversions of all their past and current supplement promos throughout the entire history of the company.)

Anyhoo… I’m swinging for the fences like never before in my almost a quarter of a century of writing direct response copy.

And demand for me is higher than ever.

So… just like a Hollywood superstar A-lister with a string of consecutive blockbuster movies… I’m super difficult to get.

So… if you’ve ever had an inkling you might want to work with me, read on.

But first, let me manage your expectations right up front to hopefully avoid any possible disappointment down the road.

There’s a 99% chance my answer will be no.

You see, I’m SUPER picky about the clients I work with.

First of all, you must be somebody I’d enjoy hanging out with while working and brainstorming together. A “salt of the earth” person I would feel comfortable inviting into my home.

Secondly… you should have an established business grossing at least $2 million in yearly sales.

Now that that’s out of the way, I can move on to what I bet is your #1 question:

My Fees…

I do things a little differently than most LMMs (lesser mortal marketers) and LMCs (lesser mortal copywriters.) Because I’m MUCH more than just a dude who can write sales copy. (More about that in a sec.)

How am I different?

I won’t talk with you about your project unless you’re prepared to start the process with a discovery day.


I’m glad you asked.

After 30 years as a serial entrepreneur… and almost 25 years as a direct response/online marketer and copywriter… I’ve found a majority of business owners want to hire a copywriter to perform the impossible.

They want me to help them fill their bucket to the brim with water.

And yes, I can do that.

Problem is, in most cases, they have a big hole in the bottom of their bucket leaking out water just as fast as they pour it in.

Their solution? Hire a copywriter to help them pour in more and more water, faster and faster.

It’s like going to the hospital with a sucking chest wound from a .45 caliber gunshot and telling the ER doc you only want him to put a Band-Aid on it.

Sadly, most copywriters will take the gig and start putting the Band-Aid on your sucking chest wound.

They’re not intentionally doing anything unethical. They just don’t know any better. Because they’ve never built their own business and had to deal with the myriad of problems and challenges YOU have to deal with as an entrepreneur.

I Absolutely REFUSE
To Work That Way!

I’m not going to start working on your cure until I’ve invested the time and cognitive exertion needed to properly diagnose the root cause of your ailment.

I’m the doctor who points out the huge sucking chest wound and says, “Hey dude, a Band-Aid ain’t gonna cut it. If I don’t get you into surgery soon, you’re gonna be pushing up daisies.”

That’s why I now require we start a potential working relationship with a discovery day before I even consider taking you on as a client.

The purpose of your discovery day is to analyze the very best ways of RAPIDLY improving your business.

Ideally this should be done in person… face-to-face, belly-to-belly in Orlando, Florida. However, if that’s not possible for some good reason, you might be able to convince me to do it by phone or Skype.

Now, here’s what all the rookie copywriters and those who never had the balls to “put their money where their mouth is” don’t understand:

It’s impossible to prescribe and implement the proper treatment without adequate diagnosis.

No doctor with any scruples is going to allow his patient to diagnose himself and prescribe his own treatment.

That’s idiotic.

In fact, it’s downright unethical and even dangerous to start a course of treatment without a “deep dive” into all the marketing assets you’re currently using in your business.

Lots of copywriters and consultants do it… but not me. Instead…

I’m Going To Start Our Relationship
With YOUR Best Interests In Mind!

If you qualify, I’m going to invest a lot of intense skull sweat going DEEP into all your business and marketing processes. I’ll investigate every possible ailment… while investing whatever is necessary to discover ALL the critical details about your business…

What’s working… what’s not working… and why.

Then and ONLY then will I be able to prescribe the very best course of action.

At the end of our discovery day, I should be able to identify at least three different opportunities you can implement immediately to boost your net profits.

The fee for a discovery day is $8,000. Should we decide to work together, I’ll credit that full amount toward any additional copywriting/consulting fees.

Most prospective clients start this process with an existing idea about what they THINK they need.

Interestingly, almost a quarter of a century of direct marketing experience has proven that most business owners are completely mistaken about what they REALLY need to cure their “business ailments” and take things to the next level. (Don’t feel bad. It’s really common… and it’s not your fault. Usually a case of “you can’t see the picture if you’re in the frame.”)

Because of that, I have to invest a LOT of time investigating, diagnosing and prescribing. Then, if we wind up working together, I need to create and implement those solutions.

And all that ain’t cheap.

My copywriting fees start at $30,000.

Now a sophisticated and intelligent entrepreneur understands the investment to hire a “been there, done that” guy with more almost 25 years of direct marketing experience doesn’t COST you money. It’s an investment that creates an evergreen asset with an EXPONENTIAL return on investment. One that could potentially make you wealthy.

Although… if you’re the type of person who is forced to make a decision on price alone… or you want somebody to put a Band-Aid on your sucking chest wound…

I’m NOT Your Guy!

I realize my process and fee structure precludes a lot of potential clients.

That’s the goal.

You see, I have to be extremely selective about who I work with because I’m MUCH more than just a guy who can write direct response copy. I’m a successful serial entrepreneur with almost 25 years experience starting direct response businesses online and offline… with my OWN money… driven by my own copy.

Since I’m one of the few copywriters who has also “walked the entrepreneurial walk”… for the handful of clients I’ve chosen to work with, I’ve also become a confidant. Someone who has your back. A person who understands the unique challenges you face as an entrepreneur.

You see, the leader is a lonely person. Hardly anybody “gets” you. It’s reassuring to know you have a friend and partner in your corner. A dude who can empathize with you… and understands the unique challenges you face.

Or… give you a swift motivational “kick in the ass” when you need it. (And let’s be honest… we ALL need that from time to time.)

With everything I know about business, copywriting and marketing… and my decades of successful experience doing it exclusively for my own businesses… why would I even consider working with a small handful of clients?

Good question. Actually, there are three reasons:

  1. It’s part of my multiple streams of income strategy…
  2. It’s a way to have a performance-based interest in a successful and growing business with a “sweat equity” investment in lieu of capital…
  3. And let’s face it… this can be a lonely business when you spend most of your day butt-planted in front of a computer all by your lonesome. It’s fun to partner up with a positive let’s-roll-up-our-sleeves-and-make-great-things-happen person to achieve challenging goals together. It’s invigorating to experience that esprit de corps feeling when we’re able to revel in victories together… along with the celebratory “high fives.”

Make sense?


By now I hope I’ve made this exceptionally clear:

If you’re looking for a bargain basement, run-of-the-mill, LMM (lesser mortal marketer) or LMC (lesser mortal copywriter), I’m definitely NOT your guy.

However… if you’re the caliber of person I just described and you understand what I bring to the table, my fee is a screaming bargain compared to your potential return on investment. AND all the needless mistakes you’re probably going to make — and money & time you’ll fritter away– without my help and expertise.

If all this makes sense and you can afford a discovery day without taking out a second mortgage, stealing from your kid’s college fund or selling so much of your blood plasma you stumble around like a hollow-eyed zombie… click here to apply for a discovery day with a small, 100% refundable deposit.

As soon as you do that, two things will happen:

  1. You’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll answer a handful of questions about your business.

  2. Within 72 hours or less, you’ll receive an email from my assistants, Jackie or Briana with instructions for scheduling a quick chat with me. That way we can explore if a discovery day is right for you.

One last thing:

If you’re familiar with my business and success philosophies, then you understand I only choose to work with clients for whom I’m SURE I can produce massive success in a very short period of time.

Therefore the ability to make a decision quickly is vital to your success.

If you reach out to discuss an opportunity, we both understand that you’re prepared to act on that opportunity immediately if we agree it’s a good fit for both of us.

If that isn’t the case, I’ll immediately refund your deposit and wish you “vaya con Dios” until one day when you are ready to fully commit to your own success.

IF I’m even available for hire at that time.

If you think you qualify, click here to apply for a discovery day with a small, 100% refundable deposit.

All the best,

Doberman Dan







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