YOUR Ideas For My YouTube 30-Day Challenge

Wednesday, 12:25 PM

Dear Friend,

I’m 12 days into my YouTube 30-Day Challenge and learning a lot.

I did the typical Doberman Dan thing with this project…

Ready, Fire, Aim!

But that almost always works out OK for me.

In fact, some very influential people in the direct response community have found me because of one of my videos. More about that in a future article.

Anyhoo… here’s the deal:

I Need Your Help…

If you have any ideas for videos you’d like to see me do… then fire away. Send them to me in the “Post a new comment” box below.

What I’m trying to do with the YouTube 30-Day Challenge is cover topics that are searched for a lot by “us’ns”…

… copywriters, direct response marketers, online marketers, brick and mortar business owners looking for marketing ideas… and MAYBE even business opportunity seekers. (The REAL ones that understand it takes work to have a successful business. Not the “get rich quick” fantasy chasers.)

That’s the goal… but I’m open to anything you might find fun or enlightening… and would hopefully get a lot of views and attract new subscribers.

Don’t worry about how crazy or silly you may think your idea is… write it in the comments box. I just might do it.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Have fun and fire away in the comments box below.

All the best,