WARNING: It’s HIGHLY unlikely you’ve ever heard declarations backed by FACTS  this shocking from ANYBODY.

This podcast is not for the weak of mind and spirit. (That’s at least 97% of Americans.) You cannot “undo” what you are about to hear and erase it from your memory.

If you’re not one who can confront the truth and face how life REALLY is, no matter how unpleasant that may be… please, I IMPLORE you to NOT listen to this podcast.

I’m talking about principles which certain people, for their own gain, have taken heinous actions to censor and silence…often employing violence, deadly force, incarceration and illegal financial seizure with NO due process as guaranteed by the US Constitution and over 2,000 years of common law.

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Terry Dean reveals the most common problem that is keeping people from reaching their goals with their online business.

And most, importantly, the two simple things you need to do IMMEDIATELY to overcome this problem.

Glenn reveals some little known market research tricks to find the true “buying keywords” of your prospects and the REAL emotional reasons they buy your products or services. This is research previous available only to Fortune 500 companies that Glenn used to get paid fees of a million dollars or more.

Markus Allen reveals all the tips, tricks and secrets to get past the gatekeepers and reach the big shots.

If you absolutely, positively MUST reach Mr. Big Shot as urgently as possible, you’ll discover a dirty little secret that has NEVER failed to have the gatekeeper put you through to the big shot… IMMEDIATELY.

Ben Morris reveals how he does what I like to call “media magic” or “customer acquisition voodoo” using cutting edge technology and high tech databases. With access to this multitude of detailed consumer data, demographics and psychographic data you can MUCH more easily and affordably find your best, most responsive, highest spending and highest lifetime value customers in a FRACTION of a time… and with a fraction of the budget it would take through traditional target marketing.

It’s truly fascinating how he can drill down to a geographic and even house by house analysis and tell you which households will contain your best customers… and even more importantly, which households/regions to not waste your money marketing to.

This can save you a literal FORTUNE on your advertising costs and increase your customer acquisition conversion and back end sales exponentially!

This is some really advanced stuff so it may take a couple listens to fully graps the power of this. But once you do, you’ll be so excited I bet you won’t sleep for a week.