Opportunities Everywhere!

Tuesday, 9:39 PM

Dear Friend,

I’ve always got my antennae up looking for new opportunities.

You’d be surprised at all the different places I’ve discovered unexploited opportunities. You can find them everywhere… if you keep your eyes and ears open.

Lately, I’ve been most interested in affluent markets.


Because it takes about the same amount of work and investment to sell a $5,000 product as it does a $30 product… so which would you rather sell?

Anyhoo… check out this article I saw on on Yahoo News the other day.

After I read that, I looked this designer up on Google and found his website here.

The wheels in my head started turning and my greed glands became activated… again.

Can you think of any opportunities here?

I threw this out to my coaching group the other day to see what they could come up with. One of my new proteges, Colin Chung, came up with not one, but TWO ingenious ideas for this market. Either one could make him a small fortune.

But I’m keeping that a secret between me and my proteges for now.

Hey, I’ve got an idea…

Why don’t you scroll down to the comments box and let me know how YOU would capitalize on this affluent market.

The best entry wins a surprise from me that Gary Halbert said no copywriter should be without.

Looking forward to your ideas.

All the best,