Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal

Thursday, 8:25 AM

Dear Friend,

We marketers tend to always focus on making money.

I applaud and support that… and can help you make as much as your greedy little heart desires.

But after you start making a lot, you’ll soon realize something really important.

You can lose all your money and possessions… but as long as you know what “us’ns” know… you can get it all back and more… even faster than before.

But the one thing you can NEVER get back is…


Yes, time is the irretrievable element.

Unfortunately, most people do not value their time. They fritter it away in menial things, always putting off what they REALLY want, living their lives as if it’s some sort of dress rehearsal.

It’s not.

This one is all you have.

And none of us can really believe we’re going to die, can we?

Even those of us who have been rescued at the very last second from the jaws of death… several times.

We still think we can cheat death. That somehow WE are going to be the ones that magically escape it… and somehow sneak past the Grim Reaper when he comes a calling.

That somehow we’re exempt from the ultimate dark fate that awaits everybody else.

Or you think, at the very least, you are going to be the one who lives to a healthy 120 years… and die “with your your boots on” making love to a hot, hard body 25-year old.

I’m not so sure.

What with almost 1 out of 2 people getting cancer now, millions of people every year with no history of heart disease suddenly grasping their chest and dropping over dead, multiple wars against undefined enemies that will never end, our food and air supply constantly poisoned… AIDS, crack, Bernie Goetz (anybody catch that reference?)…

… Maybe… just maybe… you and I are NOT going to beat the odds.

Maybe we should arrange our lives so we start focusing a little more on the things that REALLY count.

Things like spending time with our loved ones, letting our family members and friends know we really value them… and treating every living creature on this big ball of mud with as much compassion as we we can possibly muster.

It’s just a thought.

But it doesn’t sound like a bad idea, does it?

Happy holidays to you and yours.

All the best,