I Think I Need To See A Shrink

Wednesday, 7:18 PM

Dear Friend,

I’ve been thinking about seeing a psychologist.

I don’t have any mental problems… that I’m aware of.

It’s just that I have nobody to talk with.


Sure, I’ve got some really good friends… but the conversations are always about them.

See, I realized a long time ago that nobody gives a damn about what I think, feel or believe.

Well, that’s not exactly true.

It’s not that they don’t care… it’s just that they have their own problems to deal with. And I don’t feel good about dumping my problems on them, too.

So I try to spend about 95% of my time talking about what they want to talk about.

Whenever I accidentally start to talk about me, I remind myself that nobody wants to hear it… and I get back on the topic of them.

With one of the friends I regularly speak with, I’m lucky to even get a word in edge-wise. Even if I could talk, he wouldn’t even hear it… because he never shuts up.

So I never really get a chance to talk with anybody about what’s on my mind.

Plus, none of my friends would even even understand most of my problems and concerns. They just don’t operate in the same world I do. Even if I wanted to share that stuff, they just wouldn’t understand.

Gary Halbert understood.

It was always nice to know he was just a phone call away… and even if he didn’t have any solutions for me… at least he understood.

But last I checked, unless somebody constructed a long distance phone line to copywriter heaven, that’s not an option any longer.

So THAT is why I’m willing to pay a shrink $200 an hour… just to have someone listen to me.

I’ll be the first to admit… I’m somewhat of a cheapskate. I don’t really want to spend money on a psychologist.

So I MIGHT have figured out a way to save myself that $200 an hour … and maybe help YOU in the process, too.

Here’s What This Is All About:

I just got Ben Settle’s newest product, The Street Smart E-mail System.

It totally kicks “boo-tay” for making money with an e-mail list.

I’m already testing a couple things he recommends and they’re already (just within the past 3 days) starting to bring in a lot more sales. I think it might even DOUBLE the sales I’ve been getting from e-mail marketing.

Anyhoo… one of the things Ben recommends is sending out e-mails every day. Not long articles like I’ve been writing on the blog lately, but short 300 to 500 word articles… with the entire article sent by e-mail.

I’ve noticed something about this:

First of all, Ben seems to have a VERY high open rate and readership.

Secondly, he also posts every article on his blog every day.

And Google LOVES that.

In fact, he gets a nice amount of traffic and new subscribers every day because of his Google ranking.

And all that traffic and new subscribers from Google is…

100% Free!

I like THAT. (Remember the cheapskate thing.)

So here’s what I’m thinking…

I think I’m going to test writing more frequent messages for my DobermanDan.com subscribers.

I’ll keep them relatively brief and send them out by e-mail.

I’ll also post them on the blog.

Here’s what I hope to accomplish:

  1. Writing my Doberman Dan newsletter is therapeutic.It makes me feel like SOMEBODY is listening to me… even if you’re not.  So I hope this will take the place of that $200/hour shrink I was thinking about renting once a week. 


  2. I’m going to do my best to bring value to your life with these more frequent messages.Hopefully you’ll learn some valuable stuff that will enrich your life, make you more money… or both. Even if every single message isn’t life-changing, at the very least I hope you’ll be entertained a little. 
  3. I’m hoping the more frequent content on DobermanDan.com will make me more popular with Google. I sincerely want to build my subscriber base… it’s just that it would be nice to do that without paying for it. (See “cheapskate” referenced twice above.)

So that’s the plan.

I’m saying “more frequent” messages right now because I’m not sure I want to commit to a daily message.

We’ll see.

For now I’m thinking it will be about 3 times a week.

We’ll see how that goes and what kind of feedback I get. If it’s good, maybe I’ll consider going to a 5 message a week plan like Ben.

Anyhoo… if all goes as planned… THANK YOU for saving me $800 a month on that shrink.

I owe you a lunch or something.

All the best,