Gary Halbert’s Birthday

Sunday, June 12 at 11:17 AM

Dear Friend,

Quick tip/lesson today.

Today is Gary Halbert’s birthday.

I know because a loooong time ago when I was a subscriber to his paid paper & ink newsletter he revealed his birthday in a June issue. I made note of it on my calendar and sent him a birthday card.

Yeah, a REAL card. The kind you send via the good old fashioned U.S. Postal Service… not those cheap, after thought, free online cards.

And I repeated this every June 12th for a good 4 to 5 years… long before I ever met him in person and was given the opportunity to work with him.

That was just ONE of  the many strategies I used to get myself on Halbert’s radar.

But I’m pretty sure YEARS of getting a birthday card from Doberman Dan helped “grease the skids” for the other techniques that finally got his attention and gave me the opportunity to mentor with him for almost a year and a half.

After I got to know him and we were actually roommates (in two different countries) I personally witnessed how many people sent him a birthday card. Bond Halbert, Kevin Halbert… and me. That’s about it.

My point?

You’d be surprised how many “big shots” get few to zero birthday cards.

If you want to get a heavy hitter’s attention, you might want to find out their birthday and make sure you send a card every year.

It just may make them a lot more amenable to any other offers or other attempts to get their attention.

Happy birthday, Gary.

You were an interesting cat. I’ve never met anyone like you before or since… and I doubt I ever will.