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Mailbox Millions

Friday, 9:25 PM

Dear Friend,

Here’s how to mine your mailbox for gold and find out what’s working right now in direct mail.

How To Make Money With Your Inbox

Wednesday, 11:05 PM

Dear Friend,

There’s been some weird stuff going on with YouTube tonight.

It looks like they’ve been doing some upgrades and making changes but it wasn’t allowing you to upload videos for a while.

It looks like it’s fixed now… so heeeeeeeeeeerrrrrr’es the next video from my YouTube 30-Day Challenge.

Direct Mail To The Rescue

Monday, 8:12 PM

Dear Friend,

I didn’t really feel like teaching tonight.

I just wanted to have a little “fireside chat” with you (or in this case, poolside chat) and be like your adopted uncle DD, sharing life lessons with you.

I’d much prefer to have this conversation in person… but I guess this will have to do until we have that opportunity.


How To Find Hot Markets & Create Best Seller Products

Friday, 7:31 PM

Dear Friend,

I’m still having fun and learning a lot with my YouTube 30-Day Challenge.

Today I finally figured out how to use a program called ScreenFlow. I’ve used it before but I only knew about 10% of its functions.

This thing is a POWERHOUSE for creating videos… especially if you need to demonstrate things on the computer.

And if a Luddite like me can figure out how to use it… ANYBODY can.

Enjoy the video!

All the best,


Gary Halbert’s Direct Mail Success Secret

Sunday, 4:18 PM

Dear Friend,

According to Google, there were 673,000 searches last month using the keywords “direct mail.”

Also, according to Google, 25% of all their searches are now YouTube searches.

So that means approximately 168,250 searches are done each month on YouTube looking for stuff related to direct mail.

I’m hoping a few of those people will find me.

That’s why I posted this video on YouTube.

This is an edited version of something I presented on this blog last year… so it may not be anything new to you if you’ve been a subscriber for a while. But I’m hoping it will be new to a lot of folks on YouTube.

And I hope they like it enough to check out my blog and possibly subscribe.

I guess we’ll see.

All the best,



P.S. I’m learning something new every day during my YouTube 30-Day Challenge. Today I learned you can’t always trust iMovie to properly upload your videos directly to YouTube.

It worked fine for the first video, but not at all today.  I had to export the video from iMovie and then upload it directly using YouTube’s upload process.

I’m glad iMovie didn’t work. In the process of finding an alternate solution I discovered I can upload much higher quality videos this way, including HD quality video.

I didn’t upload the HD quality video on this one (obviously) but I’ll try doing it on another video later this week.