Caleb Osborne Go-To Guy Teleseminar

Dear Friend,

We just had a great teleseminar with Caleb Osborne, one of my “go to” guys.

Caleb revealed all the secrets he discovered to build a thriving freelance copywriting business quickly.

In fact, one of the secrets he revealed about “bundling” services and how to price and negotiate your services could easily DOUBLE your copywriting fees.

He also revealed the fastest way to get clients and meet tons of highly qualified prospects. And exactly how to follow up with the prospects who aren’t ready to hire you right now so you wind up being their new “go to” guy the very next time they need a copywriter. (And it’s NOT sending them your portfolio.)

If you want to ramp up your skills and confidence… and get good at copywriting as quickly as possible… Caleb also shared the simple steps he took to get good enough in less than a year to get public praise from both Gary Halbert and Clayton Makepeace!

I especially liked the part where he shared how he used his copywriting skills to secure a $5,000 loan he needed to attend a seminar. Good stuff!

I thought some of the most important stuff he shared was what NOT to do. Learn from his experience and avoid these pitfalls that could hold you back… and hurt your income.

And every copywriter needs to hear what he revealed about starting your own projects. You’re costing yourself BIG money if you don’t follow his advice.

Caleb shared many more freelance copywriting success secrets and answered a bunch of subscriber questions, too.

If you’re a freelance copywriter… or even thinking about starting a freelance copywriting business… you need to listen to this teleseminar right away.

All the best,


P.S. This teleseminar is 100% content. There’s no sales pitches and Caleb held NOTHING back.  I really appreciated his honesty.  Even though he originally didn’t want to, he decided to reveal some of his most embarrassing mistakes… so YOU don’t wind up making the same ones.


If you would prefer to download the MP3, click this link.

There’s also a transcription here.