Welcome to my little corner of the online world!


I’m Doberman Dan.

I’m a direct response entrepreneur and copywriter… or what I like to call a “kitchen table” entrepreneur.

I work in a variety of niches but my specialty has been the health market and what I affectionately call the “muscle-head” market – bodybuilders.

I’ve written hundreds of successful ads, sales letters, direct mail packages, websites, e-mail marketing campaigns, feature articles, press releases, and newsletters.

My ads and/or articles have appeared in…

…MuscleMag International…


…Muscle & Fitness…


…Men’s Edge…


…Muscular Development…


…Exercise For Men Only…

…Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness…

…The National Enquirer…

…Weekly World News

…And numerous mainstream newspapers and magazines.

You’ve probably never heard of me because I’ve kept a pretty low profile over the past decade or so.

With the exception of being a featured speaker at a couple of Gary Halbert’s seminars, I’ve never tried to get on the seminar speaking circuit and promote myself to “guru” status… or throw my hat in the ring with all the other “hired gun” copywriters. That’s just not my thing.

In fact, for the first eight years of my copywriting career, almost all of the copy I wrote was for my own projects and businesses.

It was a great learning experience.

I’ve had a lot of “base hits”, a few “home runs”… and a whole slew of “strike outs”, too. (I learned my most valuable lessons from the strikeouts.)

A big turning point for me was when I had the good fortune of mentoring and working side by side with the great Gary Halbert for a year and a half.

Here’s how mentoring and working side-by-side
with the late, great Gary Halbert came about:

Back in the mid 90′s, after one of my more spectacular and financially painful business failures, I discovered direct marketer extraordinaire, Dan Kennedy.

I learned a lot from Dan’s products and newsletter. He was the person who inspired me to go into the info marketing mail order business.

Dan frequently mentioned The Gary Halbert Letter as required reading for any mail order/direct response marketer. So I hunted this Halbert guy down and subscribed to his newsletter. (Back then it was only available in hard copy by subscription for $195/year.)

Halbert really “clicked” with me. We had a LOT in common. And we were both born and raised in Barberton, Ohio. Small world, huh?

I figured if another disadvantaged guy from Barberton could make a success of his life… I could, too.

I decided to do whatever it took to get Halbert’s attention and become his protégé.

(How I initially got Halbert’s attention is a great marketing lesson in itself… but for another time.)

To make a long story short, I wound up working side by side with Gary for about a year and a half.

Heck, he was even my roommate for three months when I lived in Costa Rica. And after that, he talked me into moving to Miami and living in the same apartment building as him while we worked on copy together.

It wasn’t easy working with Halbert… but it sure did pay off.

I learned advanced hard-core marketing strategies you can only discover by working side by side with a guy like Halbert.

See, I was willing to do whatever it took… and pay any price… to mentor under Gary… because I knew if I learned just a fraction of what he knew, I would be wildly successful and have a lifestyle most people only DREAM about.

So after being a direct response “recluse” for more than a decade…
here’s why I started publishing this blog…

In the course of my marketing and copywriting career I’ve seen the same mistakes repeated over and over again by most business owners.

I’ve also seen businesses double, triple, and sometimes more than quadruple their sales and profits within only a few months once they understand these common mistakes and change their approach to advertising and marketing.

I hope to save you from making those same mistakes so you can make maximum money… in minimum time.

When you subscribe to my blog, you’ll learn the jealously guarded secrets I’ve used in my own businesses… and continue to share with my elite inner circle.

These secrets can send your sales and profits soaring… faster than you ever imagined. They can radically change your income and your entire life in practically no time at all.

I know this all sounds too good to be true but click here to read about one one of my clients. After working with me for only one month… he experienced a 400% increase in sales.

After only five months he had a whopping 1,300% increase in sales!

I’ll be revealing exactly how I’m able to consistently do this in future posts… so subscribe now.

If you want to make maximum profits in minimum time you can’t afford to miss a single issue.

All the best,


Doberman Dan

P.S. Here’s a dirty little secret most copywriters don’t want you to know…

Over the past several years (thanks to the ease and low cost of putting up a website) there has been a proliferation of “hacks” and phonies out there, with little to NO experience, more than glad to waste YOUR money on their untested and unproven rookie copywriting/marketing skills… because they’ve got nothing to lose.

I simply refused to accept any clients until I had invested eight long years refining and testing my copywriting techniques for my own projects… with my own hard-earned money. Only after doing that… when I was 100% confident I could write world-class copy… did I even consider writing for clients.

Believe me… there are very, very, VERY few copywriters who can claim THAT.

P.P.S. All my most effective money making secrets…

…the ones I discovered over the past 17 years as a direct response entrepreneur…

…by investing (and losing!) MILLIONS of dollars…

…that work like crazy for making cashola as quickly as possible…

…is EXACTLY what I reveal every month in The Doberman Dan Letter.

P.P.P.S. Check out what people are saying about me on the testimonials page. I think you’ll recognize a couple famous (and infamous) people there saying some nice things about me. (Aw shucks… I’m blushing!)