Dear Friend,

Most of my life I couldn’t tell you what I wanted.

Well, that was after the dream stealers poisoned my mind and convinced me I couldn’t make it as a professional musician.

(Turns out I COULD. Found that out a dollar short and a day late.)

So after my lifelong dream was taken by Satan’s spawn, (may they burn in hell for eternity) I never knew what I wanted in my life.

I could only tell you what I DIDN’T want.

That was easy. It was…

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I believe in You

Dear Friend,

There were lots of interesting reactions to my “Living there, you’ll be free… if you truly wish to be” blog post.

Seems like a lot of people had a strong emotional reaction to this part:

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In this episode of The Doberman Dan Show For Renegade Entrepreneurs, persuasion and NLP master Kenrick Cleveland reveals some great secrets and tips that can immediately boost your income and improve your life in a variety of ways.

Here’s just a small sample of what Kenrick reveals…

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I’ve been on a “news fast.”

I didn’t realize how addictive that bullshit “news-fiction” was until I decided to abstain.

It keeps tempting me to break my fast and indulge.

Just like pizza and beer.

It whispers to me, “Open Yahoo or CNN. Just a little to start the day won’t hurt. Maybe there’s something exciting going on you’re missing.”

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Dear Friend,

This message was nothing more than fantasy when I was a kid.

But with the benefit of hindsight, my perspective changed.

After having lived an exceptionally difficult and painful life for almost half a century… and finding late in life (unfortunately) the incredible power I’ve unknowingly had at my disposal that remained untapped for many of those years… this message has taken on an entirely different meaning.

We really ARE creating our external world… whether you realize it or not.

Come and join me in MY world created by pure imagination.

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