Dear Friend,

Everybody always wants to learn the "dark side of the force."

OUR force, that is… direct marketing, online marketing, advertising, persuasion and copywriting.

Well, I've finally relented.

I've released the keys to the "other side"… the wicked and malicious techniques of our business that can rake in money faster than a stripper at a Washington D.C. strip club filled with Senators and Congressman.

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Serial entrepreneur, online marketer and world class copywriter Doberman Dan, reveals three secrets from his upcoming book, "How To DOUBLE Your Business In 11 Months… Or Less!"

These 3 quick-to-implement tactics can cause EXPONENTIAL increases in sales and profits within only DAYS.


Dear Friend,

I know we're already two weeks into 2014… so it may seem like I'm a little late to the party with this post.

Here's the reason for my tardiness:

I sent this message to the cherished knights in my Marketing Camelot via email on Christmas day. It was intended for their eyes only.

Apparently I touched a nerve. Response has been overwhelming… and numerous knights have encouraged me to share it with the world.

So I will heed the petitions of my trusted brothers-and-sisters-in-arms and reveal it to you.

So yes, it's a few days late… so let's consider it your "make 2014 your best year ever" message from me.

Below in its entirety is the message I composed and sent to the Knights of the Round Table in the Marketing Camelot on Christmas Day.

What was intended as a very personal message to a group of people very close to me… my loyal knights, my brothers and sisters, the faithful supporters of my vision… I now share with you. And I share it with you with all the well wishes, gratitude and positive emotions originally reserved exclusively for a group of exceptional people.

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Dear Friend,

I've never shared any content on this blog that is exclusively for the Knights of The Round Table in my Marketing Camelot.

That is only delivered in hard copy or kept on a secret Knights-only access-restricted membership site.

But since I see so many people on the path to financial ruin, including some very high income individuals I know and love, I decided to make an exception just this once and allow my non-Knights to peruse this extremely important and urgent segment from a recent issue of The Doberman Dan Letter.

Read away, take action immediately and become financially independent as quickly as possible… before it's too late.

You don't have much time left.

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It's not the years in your life that count.
It's the life in your years.

-Abraham Lincoln

Saturday, 11:29 AM

Dear Friend,

Over the past few years I've gotten a lot of emails with comments like, "I'm glad you're one of the few gurus who actually reads and answers their own emails."

They're right. When I first started this blog, I used to answer comments and emails. A lot of people took that to mean I just opened the door, let them into my life and they now had a new pen pal.

Then I had an epiphany as my life quickly became overtaken dealing with strangers from all over the world who wanted to take up much of my time.

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