More Personal Help From Me… More Often

Tuesday, 9:33 PM

As you may already know… I’m doing a monthly call-in for the subscribers to The Doberman Dan Letter.

Subscribers can ask me any questions, get feedback on ideas, copy, offers, results from marketing tests, etc.

People LOVE it. And the success stories are starting to POUR in.

I’m also offering one on one consultations with the players… the REAL action takers.

There’s only one problem…

Everybody Wants More!

There are LOTS of subscribers with lots of questions… and only one of me!

The last call lasted 2 and 1/2 hours and I STILL wasn’t able to get to all the questions.

So I’ve come up with a solution.

I’ve partnered with my friend, online marketer extraordinaire, Markus Allen. Every Thursday at noon Eastern Time I participate in his members-only  “Marketing Junkies” calls.

Unless I’m under a tight deadline writing copy or traveling or something, I’m on most of the calls every Thursday.

So if you’re a subscriber to The Doberman Dan Letter and you’d like to get more of my personal help, more often, why not join us on the Marketing Junkies calls every Thursday at noon Eastern time.

With all the personal attention you get on the weekly calls, all the insider stuff like the secret Million Dollar Rolodex, and the thousands of hours of archived  tutorials on how to generate tons of traffic and get a FLOOD of new customers FAST… you don’t want to miss out on this.

See ya there this Thursday at high noon Eastern Time.

All the best,