Marketing Gems From John Carlton’s Action Seminar

Friday, 12:34 PM

Dear Friend,

Sometimes I need to let new ideas “percolate” a while inside my cranium.

It helps me put everything in the proper place… separating the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

Now that I’ve had some percolating time… and after reviewing my notes… I thought you might like to discover a few of the things I picked up at John Carlton’s Action Seminar.

These aren’t presented in any particular order. I’m just getting them on paper (metaphorically speaking) as they pop into my demented noggin.

Here goes…

Clarity of Vision

Should you be doing this… or that? Your clarity of vision will dictate what you should be doing.

What? No clarity of vision? Well, then you’re going to be running around in circles chasing your tail an awful lot.


Don’t multi-task. FOCUS on the task at hand. The reason you’re multi-tasking and not focusing is that nasty “D” word… DISCIPLINE.

And you lack it.

Four Tips To Multiply Your Productivity

  1. Surgically remove “psychic vampires”
  2. Sweat! (Detox & exercise) If you’re not sweating on a regular basis, you’re toxic.
  3. Eliminate sugar and processed food.
  4. Use tools. (The bigger your computer monitor, the more you get done.)
  5. “Messianic” sense of purpose.
  6. “Noise” elimination.
  7. “Theater of the mind” (Read Psycho-Cybernetics for details)

Here’s some more cool stuff from da man himself.

Nobody would deny that…

John Carlton is a MASTER wordsmith.

If you’ve read any of his copy or newsletters it’s quite evident.

Not only has he mastered the written word, but every time he opens his mouth these incredibly interesting word choices fly out… usually leaving lesser mortals completely speechless.

Here’s a “Carltonism” I intend to swipe for a future article or sales copy:

He said there is a “sewer of negativity” in many of the online marketing forums.

Isn’t that great?

He could have said there was “a lot of negative people” or there is “much negativity”… but “sewer of negativity” is just so much more powerful and visceral, isn’t it?

Now watch… next week we’re gonna see “sewer of negativity” used in everybody’s eZines, blogs and sales copy… without any nod or acknowledgment to John.

He’s probably used to that by now.

Anyhoo… here’s another gold nugget:

James Shramko, a young hotshot who has experienced incredibly fast growth in his Internet business said…

“If you want to get rich,
ask better questions and solve more problems.”

He also shared his formula for selling lots of products:

  1. Find prospects…
  2. Find out what they’re buying…
  3. Sell it to them.

What an elegantly simple formula, huh? And you can become a millionaire with it… quicker than you could imagine.

John Carlton also shared his secret on…

How To Write A Book In 20 Days!

It’s a brilliant technique… and simple to do.

Sorry, but I’m keeping it to myself. It’s just too powerful to leak out to the great unwashed masses. :)

Actually, the truth is I really don’t have time to explain it right now. Maybe some other time.

For your sake, I sincerely hope John releases the DVDs of the seminar. It’s the only way you’re going to discover a lot of these marketing gems.

And last but not least…

I’m working on a really exciting project soon with Bond Halbert. I think I’ll let him fill you in.

Take it away, Bond. (Now is when you should click the play button below.)

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Pretty exciting, huh?

I’m not sure how soon the Florida meetings will start… but I hope it’s soon.

I’ve got some other excellent video tips from the seminar I promise I’ll upload soon.

All the best,